Ridgemont Outfitters Crest brown shoe white laces

Ridgemont Outfitters Does it Again With the Crest

Ridgemont Outfitters has again impressed with their Crest Hi. The sneaker promises unprecedented durability almost comparable to a boot, with many features – like the non-wicking thread, being adapted from on hiking boots designed for exclusively rugged environments. The Crest Hi offers a multitude of such features that make for a well rounded hi-top shoe that feels right at home and ready to tackle the urban jungle on a Friday night, or equally capable in cold weather. With the help of the gusseted tongue, the sneaker-boot becomes virtually waterproof, and with the help of waxed canvas, is able to maintain a light weight.

During my commute to class, I felt quite comfortable and incredibly stable, even on a few more iced over inclines at the bus-stop. This level of versatility is nothing new from Ridgemont, yet is just as much of a pleasant surprise as the first time I came in contact with an Outfitters shoe: The Monty Hi. The Crest, in contrast, is significantly lighter, and although it offers comfortable ankle support, doesn’t quite match the level of the Monty – but then again, the Crest is a drastically lighter shoe that reminds more of the Southern California skate culture, and less so of the Colorado Rockies snow communities, the way the Monty does.


With Utah fitting right between the two, I took the liberty of introducing the Crests’ to some Utah habits to get a better understanding of their abilities: I stopped at home to drop by school backpack off, grabbed my board at the door, plugged my head into the newest Yeezy album, and went for a cruise. After blowing a few stop signs, sliding the board to a standstill to test the grip of the soles, and one or two emergency bails, I was sold this shoe could easily double as a quality skate shoe. As I boarded home and hopped on my motorcycle to study at the library, I continued to enjoy the Crest. It provided a rigid composite lasting board, combined with an Ortholite sole, making it stable enough for any hike, should you choose to throw one at it, but also comfortable after quite a few hours into the night studying at the library.

The Crest Hi is perfect for anyone needing improved ankle support and water proof grade construction, without having to sacrifice their steeze.

Under normal circumstances, you’d have to take your pick: active and capable but uncomfortable and uglier than your aunt’s Crocs, cool but only wearable during sunshine and blue skies, fashionable but flimsy, the list goes on an on of possible combinations that only sometimes are the right option.

With Ridgemont Outfitters, you’re able to find a shoe that meets all your needs without compromise, tailored to your particular style, that’s always the right option.