7 Common Causes of Workplace Accidents and Injuries

The workplace, no matter where or what it is, can be a dangerous place. Even an office setting can surprise you with how many potential injuries and accidents occur. It also goes without saying that working in places like factories or on labor job sites can be dangerous as well.

Knowing that any workplace could have an accident or injury waiting to happen sounds like a bit of paranoia, but it could save you from a trip to your doctor or the ER – or worse. Here are 7 common causes of workplace accidents and injuries to help you be prepared.

1. Slips and Falls

The most obvious type of injury or accident to occur that many people think of is slips and falls. These can happen anywhere that a tripping hazard or slippery surface exists which is why the experts at https://www.dsslaw.com/new-york/slip-fall-ny/ prove how useful it is to find legal representation for these seemingly small injuries. No matter what workplace a slip or fall can lead to serious injuries and can happen at any time.

2. Falling Objects

Whether it is dangling precariously on a ledge, or if it is being held up by someone, an object can fall and hurt someone. Falling on arms, hands, feet, and worst of all, on heads. Falling objects are a common accident that can lead to injuries like broken bones or concussions, which are serious causes of concern. These are easy to avoid situations, but sometimes it can be hard to tell if it will strike, but it is good to know this can happen on a construction site or in an office.

3. Muscle Strain

Not all injuries can be seen with the naked eye. Sometimes an injury can happen without you noticing for a few hours to days. Muscle strain is a problem when you overexert yourself reaching for something, bending over, or common movements that can stretch and hurt you. These muscle strains are common injuries in the workplace and can make life harder for you at your job and in your daily life at home.

4. Cuts and Scrapes

On the flip side of that, cuts and scrapes are injuries that you will be able to see in most cases. Cuts and scrapes can occur from various objects or causes. It could be walking by something sticking out, or cutting your hand on a tool or office supply, or it could be from falling and scraping a knee or arm. Whatever the cause is, these happen everywhere and are unpredictable like any workplace injury.

5. Hearing Damage

Another injury that can happen at work that not many people think of is damage to hearing. While this is not common in the office, it is very common in trade jobs. Loud tools and loud sounds like banging or explosions can cause long term damage to the ear canals and eardrums which make hearing loss a very real possibility. Wearing the right PPE like earplugs or earmuffs can help dramatically prevent loud noises from harming hearing.

6. Motor Vehicle Crashes

Jobs that require the use of vehicles are always at risk of motor vehicle accidents. These accidents happen all the time in daily driving so it only makes sense that it is also present on the job site or driving a company vehicle. Even warehouse jobs that use motorized vehicles like forklifts are susceptible to these kinds of accidents. The injuries that can occur can be minor whiplash all the way to death. It is always important to practice safe driving, even when you would think an accident would not happen.

7. Chronic or Repetitive Pain

In a similar manner to muscle strain, chronic and repetitive pain is an unseen menace that can be caused by an injury at work. Something as innocuous as pulling a muscle in your wrist turning it the wrong way can last for your entire life. These types of injuries are hard to notice sometimes, but they are also easy to prevent. Being smart about how you handle things physically and not trying to twist or jerk your body to do things can help you. Do things the right way, even if it means being a little slower or more exact, and you can prevent long term pain.

The workplace can be a surprising place for accidents and injuries to occur. While working safely is a priority, sometimes these things just happen. The best thing to remember is to identify what can cause an injury and do your best to prevent it by being safe.