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My swim trunks are a decade old and garishly outdated. Thanks to a lucky coincidence, Tipsy Elves was willing to help me replace my knee length board shorts with a stylish pair of Sea Stallion swim trunks.

This weekend’s trip to Montauk, Long Island, included kayaking, drinking beer on the beach, paddle boarding, and drinking rum on the beach; not necessarily in that order. Since I started paddleboarding last season, I’ve been looking for a way to carry a beer and some snacks on my long sea ventures, you know.. to rehydrate. Tipsy Elves helped me yet again by providing me with a Fourth of July Friendly Fanny Pack.

The attached beer coozi and spacious pack was just the low profile item I wanted for my ocean outings. However, I recommend keeping any and all snacks in some tightly sealed plastic bags. I could tell you that paddle splashes lead to soggy snacks, but thats not true. I fell in. Gracefully, of course.


The Sea Stallion shorts were vibrant and comfortable even through multiple trips in and out of the ocean. The large size fit snugly on my 6’ frame with a little extra room to spare around the middle. The best part, the trunks allowed me to easily get a little color back into my pasty legs after a long winter of indoor/office hibernation.

Although it suited my purposes for paddleboarding, I wouldn’t normally combine these two items together in the same outfit. The Tipsy Elves team has a lot going for them: vibrant designs, solid apparel lines, and holiday friendly accessories. But the majority of these items are meant to be your single pop-piece. Combining different designs will leave your eyes accosted and your swagger taters . Unless you have a reason, like a handy coozi fanny pack combo for paddleboarding, I wouldn’t recommend a non-matching combo.

As I sit here drinking a beer and watching the sun go down, my weekend in Montauk is coming to a close. The Tipsy Elves gear made a tangible improvement to my varied outdoor activites. They provided me with trunks I can wear with confidence and a patriotic fanny pack that I look forward to utilizing during the July 4th celebrations in Phildaelphia.

Kevin Corelli
About the Author

An adventurer obsessed with technology. Recently relocated to Philly from SLC via motorcycle. Now I work marketing for Car-tel Communications by day and play with gadgets, games, and gizmos by night. I believe in the benefits of an integrated life, but still look forward to camping trips out of cell range.

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