50th Birthday

Celebrating Your Birthday Lockdown Style

Have a big birthday coming up? Bummed that you’re going to be celebrating in Lockdown? Don’t be – there are so many things you can do to make your lockdown birthday celebrations just as amazing as any other birthday celebration!

Throw a virtual party

Sure, you might not be able to celebrate with friends and family in the flesh, but if you have a phone, tablet or computer — and who doesn’t right? — you can still have a get-together, virtually speaking that is. Simply ensure that all of your “guests” download an app like Houseparty or Zoom and you can all talk, chat and drink together like you would at a regular party.

Want to make it even more amazing? Turn your home into a virtual bar with beers, hookah shisha supplies, a pub quiz game and whatever will make it feel more like a night out and have your friends do the same for a convivial atmosphere you won’t soon forget. I mean, you have plenty of time to do that, right?

Have a fancy dinner

You might not be able to go to that fancy Michelin starred restaurant that you’ve been so looking forward to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tuck into a delicious meal on your birthday. It’s never been easier to find top-class recipes from the world’s best chefs online, and as long as you can find the ingredients you need in the supermarket, there’s nothing stopping your from trying them out. You’ll learn a new skill and create an amazing new meal.

If you’re isolating with friends or family, you can designate a course for each of you to cook to make it even more fun. Then, all you need to do is set the table with your fanciest crockery and a few candles, turn on some classy mood music and…who needs fancy restaurants anyway!

Get your karaoke on

So, you can’t go out and paint the town red, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink a few cocktails and belt out a few of your favourite hits. Simply download a decent karaoke app and make your way through the greats of Kylie or Frank Sinatra. Make it even more fun by video chatting with friends, taking turns to see who;’s the best or recording your efforts for Tik Toks so you can have the authentic experience of having your friends take the mick out of your vocal skills.

Carry on camping

Love the great outdoors? Usually spend your birthdays under the stars? There’s no reason why you can’t do the same at home, well not if you have a garden anyway. Make some fancy sandwiches and cocktails. Fire up the barbecue, light the fire pit and spend some quality time outdoors in the sun watching the splendour of nature. Heck. you could even pitch your tent and use it as a place to get some more ‘me-time’ if you want to. Oh, and don’t be afraid to FaceTime your friends for a campfire sing-song or ghost story!

Enjoy your lockdown birthday!