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citizenM Times Square

When I was in eighth grade I saw the Royal Tenenbaums and ever since I’ve had an overwhelming desire to live in a hotel, like Royal. I think it was because being only 15 or so I never realized as an adult you have that freedom. In the same manner that it took me until a year ago that I realized I can buy myself a puppy. I can. I’m an adult, but I digress from my desire to live in a hotel. It still burns strong within me and I can safely now say that it would be the citizenM’s new Times Square New York location I’d choose to live.

Starting at $199 a night the 21 story, 230 room hotel is basically a steal for its Times Square location. Though the price is excellent, it’s the European influences that made me fall in love with the boutique style hotel. In traditional European fashion the rooms are quaint which I for one truly appreciate. I had a very comfortable king-size bed with a wall mounted TV at the foot, a wall to wall window, a large shower and a small desk, what more does one need in a room? Let alone a room that is a block from one of the largest tourist destinations in one of the most happening cities in the world.

Given that the room was, well, just a room it wasn’t impressive or unimpressive. It was a place to sleep, relax and get laid if you should be so lucky, nothing more and nothing less. What really impressed me aesthetically speaking was the lobby/bar. I’ve been to my share of bars, hotel and otherwise, and this one had an inclusive feel that I’ve never experienced. Perhaps it’s that one whole wall is shelves filled with eclectic items including art from David LaChapelle and Andy Warhol to mention a couple or any other of the numerous pieces of contemporary art looming over the multiple couches and tables giving the room a homelike feel. Additionally, they have a small courtyard with outside seating and a rooftop. Unexciting to most, but for those who know New York anytime you can sit outside is reason to celebrate, let alone in the Times Square area.

Billed as “affordable luxury” I feel like luxury maybe a stretch in the traditional sense and “affordable amenities” a better suited term. Free wifi, a Samsung tablet to control your TV, lights, curtains and go online, grab and go-style cafeteria, complimentary Apple computer usage and printing, the amenities are a plenty, but luxury, eh. The furniture seems a bit Ikea-ish throughout and the baths have a pre-fab feel.

For the amount of amenities, location and price point the citizenM Times Square is a must for a night or vacation. Or in my case a yearlong lease.