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Expert Recommendations on AC Maintenance You Should Know

All over the world, there are people who are dependent on their air conditioning units. They may be at home or work and need the air moisture to be removed in a way that only AC units can do. When it comes to homeowners, the appliance may be one of their most expensive pieces of equipment. It’s essential that it was installed correctly, and regular AC maintenance will need to be applied. Without this, the unit may malfunction, become less effective, and even damage the home. Its lifespan could also be lessened. This article has been written to help you understand the key aspects of maintenance. 

Professional Help May Be Required

Not every person is able to perform essential AC maintenance or repair work. Anyone who is not confident with this should seek third party assistance. After all, any bodged work may end up being more damaging and expensive. 

Whether you are sweltering in Los Angees or looking for servicing aircons in Singapore people are searching online for help from certified technicians. This may be to assist with installations or chemical overhaul cleaning. Alternatively, there may be some thermostat troubleshooting required.  

Check The Air Filters 

Whilst it may be tempting to forget these, they will become dirty and clogged up over time. This may be from such things as microbes, dust, pollen, pet dander, and mildew. There will be consequences if this happens, because the ice will form within the unit, and water leakage may occur. 

The unit’s instruction manual will advise how often these filters will need replacing. This could be anything from monthly to quarterly. If it’s been particularly hot weather and the unit has been in constant use, this is another reason to check the filters. Anyone who has a dog that’s shedding hair may also need to check more thoroughly. From an environmental angle, washable filters are better than disposable ones. 

Address Leaks

It is quite normal for a small quantity of water to be released from a fully working AC unit. If there is dripping coming from an AC wall unit, this could be due to dust or dirt build-ups, or blocked drainage pipes.

Any layman who tries to fix a leak will need to run the appliance for at least half an hour afterward. This will be a good test of their success. 

Check The Condenser

This should be cleaned twice a year during regular AC maintenance. Remove any foliage such as weeds or shrubs that have grown around it. There should be a two-foot radius that is clear, so the air can fully flow. Any temptation to hide the unit under bushes is therefore inadvisable, even if it is not aesthetically pleasing! If there is a natural shade that can be gained, this will help the unit not to overheat. Consider walls, fences, trees, or awnings for this purpose. 

If the condenser coil needs a clean, it may be possible to remove it and use a hose. If a deep clean is needed, however, a professional will have special chemicals they can use. If the condenser becomes blocked the drainage pan may fill up with water. Some AC units are clever and will know to switch off and protect the appliance from damage. Once again, third party help may be needed to address the issue. 

If the coil has been overheating, it may have become damaged or affected by extreme cold. It’s important that the unit produces a consistent temperature. If this isn’t occurring it may be that the refrigerant levels are low. 

Address Blockages And Cracked Drainage Pans

If the water is not draining properly, something has got blocked. If this is not addressed the water will keep backing up into the unit. Damp issues such as fungi, mildew, or mold will result, as well as potential leaks.

If a drainage pan is cracked it’s not the end of the world. People are frequently able to fix these without needing to employ a professional. 

Clean The Outdoor Drain Pipes

Drain pipes can be cleaned using a hose. Water can be alternated with the application of bleach, with ten-minute intervals of between. Make sure the pipes are flushed thoroughly at the end and left to fully dry. 

As we can see, there are lots of things to think about with AC maintenance. Adhere to the instruction manual and also book regular services. If you can’t fix something confidently, employ a professional to secure the long life of your unit.