Post-Lockdown group of people sitting on bench and grass field during daytime

Post-Lockdown Summertime: 9 Things Everyone Can’t Wait To Experience Again

With the coronavirus vaccine rollout continuing at full speed, it looks more and more likely that we will enjoy a post-lockdown summer closer to pre-2020 standards. There are so many things to look forward to experiencing again that it’s hard to know where to start. While it’s important not to get too ahead of ourselves – the easing of lockdown is still not 100% certain – we are beginning to see the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel.  

Here is our list of the top things we’re all excited to experience over the summer post-lockdown.  


Live music is one thing that is high on most peoples’ post-lockdown bucket lists. Besides enjoying the rush of a live gig, many people are looking forward to supporting their favourite venues and bands, who have suffered financially thanks to the pandemic.  

It is likely that the first live gigs will have some safety restrictions in place, so the return to the sweaty, beer-soaked mosh pits might be a way off yet. Socially distanced live music will still be a welcome return to the experience we are all longing for.  

Hair Cuts 

Going to the hairdresser has been a dramatically different experience over the past year. While safety measures are likely to still be in place once we get back to our favourite salons this year, we are all excited to treat our hair after months of lockdown.  

Whether you need a simple trim, three months’ worth of root regrowth to refresh, or a total restyle, getting to the hairdresser this year will be a truly luxurious experience.  


Online events have made much of lockdown more bearable, but there is nothing quite like a live theatre experience. Many theatres are preparing themselves to open up once again, so theatre lovers will have plenty to look forward to this summer.  

If you’re looking for something unique and different to do this summer while supporting local arts, then a trip to the theatre is perfect.  

Live Sports 

While live sports have been back in various forms for months now, many have been played behind closed doors. This has been ideal for helping sports fans cope with months of lockdown, but there is nothing quite like the experience of watching sports played in person. Streamed events can’t replicate the atmosphere and excitement of the crowd.  

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Beach Trips 

Heading to the beach on a warm summer’s day is one of the best experiences. Thanks to lockdown, this experience has been limited to those lucky enough to live close to a beach. With the stay-at-home order being lifted, we can soon all get our sun, sea and sand fix.  

Why not consider organising a group trip to the beach this summer? Invite a group of your friends and hire a minibus to transport you to the idyllic seaside. You could even consider making this a staycation. Hiring a remote cottage or cabin near the sea with some of your closest friends and family could be just the thing to celebrate the our days of post-lockdown.  


A night out dancing has been impossible over the last year. Clubs have been shut entirely since the first lockdown, and venues have struggled to stay afloat without any source of income. While it is unlikely that the club experience will be the same as pre-COVID for some time, clubs have their tentative reopening date set for June.  

Therefore, now is the time to start dusting off your partying outfits and getting ready to celebrate the end of lockdown in style. You could even consider having a total revamp of your style so that you look and feel amazing while you dance the night away.  

Dining Out 

Eating out is another activity that has suffered thanks to the pandemic. Many restaurants have had to adapt quickly to operating as takeaway businesses, which much success. There really isn’t anything quite like relaxing at a table, having your favourite dishes brought out for you. So, while delivery food was an excellent alternative over the past months, the return of dining out is undoubtedly high on many peoples’ lists of experiences.  

You could consider making a reservation for one of your favourite independent restaurants once the lockdown is eased. Dining out locally will enable you to support the local economy and smaller restaurants, many of which are struggling financially, back on their feet.  


Festivals are a quintessential summertime experience for many. Lounging in the sun with a beer in hand, trekking through the mud after a headline act and dancing the night away in the thick of a crowd of music fans are all experiences we’re keen to have again.  

While some festivals have already been postponed for 2021, there are still more hoping to go ahead. You could consider making a list of the festivals you could attend and seeing if you can get tickets. If you’re unable to attend your favourites, many festivals are already selling tickets for 2022, so you can start your planning early for next year’s summer fun.  


Shopping in person has been a mixed experience over the past year. Most unessential shops have spent months closed to shoppers, and essential shops have enforced strict, necessary limits on numbers in store. With non-essential shops looking set to open over the spring, this means that we will likely be able to enjoy a shopping spree in our favourite stores by the summer.  You could consider shopping with local businesses and supporting those who have struggled over the past year. Even before we enter our post-lockdown phase, you could consider buying online from independent retailers so that you can be sure that they will still be there once we’re allowed back to brick and mortar shops.