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Top Trendy Haircuts for Men That Will Boost Your Charm

Just like hairstyles transform the look, style, and even charm for women, a haircut for men may improve their look, style, and boost their charm. Fortunately, getting a nice haircut is easy and takes a little time. There are many appealing haircut styles for men to select from.

Here is a list of the top 11 most appealing haircuts for fashionable men. 

The quiff style

The quiff cut is a one-of-a-kind blend of pompadour and mohawk haircuts. The conventional quiff gives a man’s hair more volume. Make up the front area, make the sides shorter, and comb the top hair forward. It has a distinct appearance when combed sideways. Apply hair spray and conditioner for a lustrous finish. For something more daring, increase the height of your quiff. When done correctly, the traditional quiff is manly-stylish. It isn’t supposed to be flawless. Hairstyles for men that are daring offer more appeal and charm.

The medium fade

A medium-faded haircut falls somewhere between a low-faded and a high-faded cut. Even though it is bold and edgy, it looks professional and can work in formal and office settings. The hair on the sides and back of the head is lessened, starting at the top of the ears to get the medium fade hair cut. This unique medium fade haircut is versatile, and there are so many different mid-fade hairstyles to choose from. It goes with any top haircut and hair texture, from a buzz cut with a medium skin fade to curly hair pomp. It works for both curly and afro hair textures.

The pompadour style

With short hair on the sides and long hair on the top, the pompadour hairstyle adds a lovely look to a man’s features. The ‘pomp,’ or thick top layer of hair, progressively fades towards the back. The longer sideways funky hair looks crisp and appealing. The extra length on top gives you more product styling options, while the sides and back are simple to manage with or without it. When you wear a classic pompadour, you exude self-assurance. It has a high-maintenance appearance, and men with this hair appear wealthy and style-conscious.

The crew cut 

With an obvious side hairline, this gives military and crew hairstyles attractiveness. Men with short hair have a neat appearance. This short crew cut will enhance the appearance of younger college students with fine and thin hair. Longer and shorter styles both benefit from the crew cut. The front-row hair isn’t drooping. There are fewer things to wash and condition. 

The side part

The side part haircut is another friendly cut for males. The hair is parted on the side and neatly combed sideways for a nice appearance. More hair should be on the top rather than the sides of the hair. The side sweep is a hairstyle for guys with thick, wavy hair that is done with scissors. To improve your hair’s waviness, apply a paste to damp hair and scrunch it dry to add volume. The side part haircut is the ideal haircut for guys with short, medium, or long hair.

The low fade cut

A great alternative to the crew cut is the low-fade haircut. It shows a distinct low-fade cut style with excellent side and top hair separation. The curly hair across the front and top look amazing with a clean or low shade fade. The low fade appears obvious because the natural medium-sized hair curls are black. It’s longer and looks great on males with curly hair. There is more shape and volume while maintaining the low-maintenance characteristics. 

The Bald Look 

The bald look is the least deceiving of them all because it has nothing to hide. The majority of the time, it appears to be clean. To maintain the scalp, all you need is a good natural men’s hair conditioner. This bald head brings attention to your best facial features by not having a single hair strand. The pure black long beard that goes with it completes the look. It gives you more self-assurance; baldness has an appealing boldness that comes with it.

The Afrocut

The Afro hairstyle has been famous since the 60s, during the era of civil rights movements. They are seen as a showcase and are associated with empowerment and rebellion. The most interesting fact about the afro haircut is that it enables you to flaunt your natural hair and also carry it with enough confidence and pride. If you have medium-length hair, you will be making a delightful choice of a mid-length afro. Afro does create a look with volume; it is always long enough to flaunt the curls but may be hard to style if it becomes too long. An afro cut can be paired with a fade cut to give a sharp and edgy look. 

The buzzcut

The buzzcut is popular among men who want to look more manly. It’s done with electric clippers, and it requires regular barber visits to maintain the hair. Its low maintenance and simple styling process make it ideal for busy men. The buzzcut is associated with manliness and discipline. With a constant length of short hair over the head, it offers a striking look. This gives the impression of a larger and more appealing face. It’s more appealing after a touch-up with a modern fading and an elegant stubble beard.

The hockey slash

The hockey cut, also known as the “longcut,” another low-maintenance hairstyle, is the opposite of the buzzcut. This hairstyle is best for men who have thick, abundant hair that is naturally wavy and curly. The cut is fully made with scissors. Request that your barber keeps your hair heavy on top but soft and textured on the bottom. Keep the hair on the crown shorter so that it doesn’t create a bump. Hockey cuts are a low-maintenance option. They’re ideal for males who don’t have time to style their hair daily.

The tousled cut

Hair that looks like you just got out of bed has a place in men’s style. Your hair should be mid-length initially, with the sides only partially trimmed. The secret is to run a natural men’s pomade or hair gel through your hair to “mess it up” a little bit. Then you get to experiment with alternative looks. It’s an unpolished, youthful look. It’s part of today’s bad-boy image, which many females find appealing.

The charm and style of men lie in the haircut style a man carries. Your hairstyle is what defines you, and it is up to you to find the ideal cut that enhances your charm.