Anchor Brewing’s California Lager

This review by G-LO was originally published on the “It’s just the booze dancing…” blog. ____________________________________ There isn’t much of a back story associated with the acquisition of this particular bottle of Anchor Brewing’s California Lager. I had it a couple months back, really liked it, and then decided to pick up another bottle for a review. BOOM! […]

Whisky Review – Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition

This review by G-LO and Limpd was originally published on the “It’s just the booze dancing…” blog. ____________________________________ Eighty years, three months and twenty-three days ago, the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified. This amendment repealed the 18th Amendment and marked the end of Prohibition, a 14 year period where the manufacture, transport, and sale of […]

Review: Taco Bell's New Breakfast Menu

(Editors note: Michael Pitts was invited to share his experience with FactoryTwoFour after posting a lightened version initially on As you may or may not be aware, Taco Bell started selling breakfast yesterday. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this for a long time. Ever since I saw the articles about the breakfast menu rolling out in […]

Papa’s Pilar Blonde and Dark Rums

This review by G-LO and Limpd was originally published on the “It’s just the booze dancing…” blog. ____________________________________ Not all that long ago, Mrs. G-LO left me home alone with The Boys (aka our two sons) on a Saturday night so that she could attend a bridal shower / bachelorette party for my future sister in law in […]

Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco - Something unexpected

As I walked into the room on the 32nd floor of the Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco, I stood there in wonder.  My home for the next week was magnificent from the first step, my first view out the window in front of me.  This was no ordinary room though, but a suite on the […]

Welcome to Porter-Palooza!

This article by Limpd was originally published on the “It’s just the booze dancing…” blog. ____________________________________ Minding my own business (as I’m always wont to do), I was assailed by G-LO with another of his “great” ideas for a post. He thought it might be “fun” to try a couple of different world class porters and write it […]

George T. Stagg Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 2013 Edition

This review by G-LO was originally published on the “It’s just the booze dancing…” blog. ____________________________________ Ungettable. That’s what Craft Beer and Whisky Geeks call that magical elixir that everyone wants, but few of us actually get. If you’re a Craft Beer Geek, then you already know how difficult it is to track down something […]

From The Depths Of Netflix: All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

I’m all for not judging a book by its cover and I don’t, but that doesn’t mean I won’t buy the “book” if it has a smokin’ hot girl on the cover. As is the case with this week’s “From the Depths of Netflix:” All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Premiering back in 2006 this […]

Is this the best damn Burrito in Denver?

Burritos.  We all love them.  Full of delicious ingredients and wrapped in their very own edible carrying case.  They make the ultimate food on the go, which is typically how we live our lives. Over the years, many restaurants have tried to make the best burrito, and some have come close enough to turn into […]

From The Depths Of Netflix: A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

From the depths of Netflix is a weekly series where I will generously, though often painstakingly, sit down and watch a random movie on Netflix for you. The hope is that this may help you narrow that search on those hungover Sundays because we all know “Max” can’t be trusted and for some reason Netflix […]

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