The cost of the car is not what defines a man, but the road traveled, memories made, destinations discovered, experiences shared that all come from the journey. From mountain drives to project cars, it's time to find a new road to travel.

Has BMW Lost the Plot?

I recently had occasion to drive BMW’s 1-series rocket the 135i back-to-back with it’s spiritual grandparent the 2002. To put it bluntly, it was a sublime experience. Going from the 1970 go-kart to the modern 1 was like time traveling through evolution. These two cars are linked not just by their petite-ness, but by their […]

Go Watch F1 With a Bunch of Lunatics

In many ways, F1 is the king of motor racing series. It expends more cash and hosts more glamor than just about any other sporting event, especially auto related. But in years past F1 has been a bit of a bummer to watch because of the dynasty of 4 consecutive championships the Red Bull team […]

Moving House And Shipping Your Car - 6 Things To Consider

When moving house long-distance you’ve probably already accounted for all of your personal belongings but what about your car? If you have more than one vehicle in the family then you have the option to drive one and ship the other, or if you don’t fancy a drive at all then you may wish to […]

What Are The Most Reliable Car Brands On The Market?

If you’re in the market for a new car, or you’re trying to quickly upgrade an old model, you’re going to want to know what you can rely on. You want a car that’s safe to drive, handles well when you’re behind the wheel, and will perform to your expectations in every single area. And […]

Luxury (Micro) Machine

Americans are downsizing. The days of McMansions and big bling are over. Today’s luxury is all about the small style, and cars are not exempt from this trend. All the players in the luxury car market are introducing pint-sized players that attempt to scale down the size but keep the opulence. Mercedes’ CLA, the BMW […]

Weather Proof—2014 Buick Regal GS AWD

Buick’s 2014 Regal GS AWD actively pursues better grip in the harshest of environments. *Gallery Below* This winter has been one for the record books. The northeast has received record amounts of snowfall, parts the south have been incapacitated due to ice and bad planning, and the Great Lakes have frozen solid. With all this perilous […]

Ducati Sport Classic: An Iconic Motorcycle

The Ducati Sport Classic is an iconic motorcycle brand that was only produced for five years and sold in small numbers. Even so, these motorcycles grabbed the attention of a vast amount of press and motorcycle enthusiasts. Sci-fi fantasy film Tron: Legacy also featured the coveted Ducati Sport Classic. While these are no longer produced, you can […]

Your Complete Guide to Buying Motorcycle Helmets

Finding and buying motorcycle helmets is much more than figuring out your size and your favorite paint job. Learn how to buy a motorcycle helmet here. Motorcyclists are roughly 28 times likelier than other motorists to get into an accident that ends in a fatality.  While we know there are few things you enjoy more than […]

Pink Dolphin: Ferrari 458 Spider

We’ve all become immune to the magnetic Pizza Hut sign popped on the top of a high schooler’s Camry. Even the Mini Cooper with a giant Red Bull can strapped to the top hardly causes us to bat an eye these days, but that didn’t stop Pink Dolphin from taking to a car to market […]

The Lotus Motorcycle has changed my mind

Let’s start with a note.  I am not a motorcycle rider.  The closest I have been is on a Ruckus while working for a local car shop.  I can appreciate the two wheeled machines, but have never had a desire to own one. Until now. Meet the Lotus Bikes C-01, designed, build, and produced by […]

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