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Five Rules For Dressing Well

Whether you are at work or you are heading out with friends, it can serve you well to ensure that you are dressing well. You deserve to feel good in the clothing that you wear, no matter your shape, size or height. You don’t fit your clothes, your clothes are designed to fit you and it can take some time to find the right clothing brands that do exactly that.

When you are indoors and relaxing, it doesn’t matter what you wear – not at all. In fact, it’s going to serve you well to be comfortable. This way, you know exactly how it feels to dress well when you do put on your best outfits. From the jewelry you buy from to the boots you buy from the best brands, you should ensure that whatever you are wearing makes you feel good when you walk. Standing tall and walking tall are exactly what you need, whatever you choose to wear, and that’s why we have put together five rules for dressing well.

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  1. Always keep a blazer in the closet. A blazer has the power to top off a powerful suit, but equally it can complete your dressed down jeans and t-shirt look, too. You can find the right blazer with the perfect fit and pair it with either trousers or a pair of skinny jeans and heels to give your outfit a boost. A blazer can complete a look very effectively, and you can mix it up and change what you wear beneath a blazer, too.
  2. Swap to skinnies. You should know that skinny doesn’t mean tight when it comes to jeans. It just means that the fabric skims your legs! Skinny fit jeans can be super comfortable, look fantastic with ankle boots, heels or flats, and it can help you to create a more modern look. If you love baggy jeans it’ll feel like you’re exposed when you first wear them, but honestly they can make you look fantastic.
  3. Upgrade your loungewear. We talked about comfortable clothing to lounge in at home, but they don’t have to be falling apart and holey. You can upgrade your loungewear to include new clean-lined joggers and hoodies that are form fitting and comfortable. You can upgrade your sneakers and your tops to be breathable cotton over other materials, too.
  4. Layer up. Whether we’re talking jewelry or clothing, layering your outfits will make a big difference to the way in which you feel about yourself. Long line vests under shirts, and wear blouses under jackets that are worn all day. You will be surprised how good layering will look.
  5. Mix prints and patterns. It’s so easy to change your look when you switch up plain clothes for patterns, but you should stick to the contemporary colors that you love, and never pair dots with dots and stripes with stripes!

Your fashion sense should reflect you, and you can dress well when you understand how to pair your outfits better. Take your time and choose pieces that compliment each other – you won’t regret it!