Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss & How You Can Avoid It

Have you noticed hair loss every time you look at yourself in the mirror? You’re not the only one, chap. 

Studies reveal more than half of men observe hair loss signs at the age of 50 or above. The problem paves a path to every 4 out of 5 men when they reach 70 or above. 

You generally sit back and wonder why you? You might want to blame upon your family tree, but there are several other reasons, folks!

Can’t wait to discover the reasons for your baldness? Let’s get going with the possibilities:

Genetic Issues:

Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness, they call it in simple words. The problem is triggered by the genes you inherit from your parents. 

Believe it when they say that you experience the problem if your close relatives are balding. Your hair follicles may begin to shrink due to hormonal changes. And the hairline begins to thin above your crown or temples. 

Depending on your family history, the pattern of baldness may start as early as your teens. Also, your hair becomes soft, short, and delicate. 

Shock or Stress:

There are several reasons for hair loss in men. It could be due to excessive or sudden weight loss, physical or emotional shock, flu, or fever. 


You may experience scaly patches on the bald spots and scalp- all thanks to ringworm. The good news is that your hair may grow back after undergoing treatment. 

Some other reasons that trigger baldness may be medical issues, grooming, or the immune system. Now that you’re a victim of baldness, you’d want to find ways to get rid of it. Although you can’t prevent your hair from falling as you age, some treatments or remedies can help you. Dwell in tranquility with knowing what these are:

Scalp Micropigmentation:

Men today are relying on this method as the most effective way. The very first session of this new-fangled scalp micropigmentation treatment lays replicated hair follicle foundations. The very first session will make you notice immediate differences. In the second and third sessions, the professionals add extra density layers. When you do so, your short hair tends to appear, which negates signs of hair loss. 

The experts spend considerable time blending this into your natural look. Making minor adjustments to the hairline is also possible. Following some aftercare instructions, you won’t need to come back, not at least for 4-6 years. 


Biotin or Vitamin H helps our body in converting food into energy sources. Studies reveal taking biotin-rich food may slow down hair loss. Consider foods like sweet potatoes, oats, nuts, and onions in your diet. 

Quit Smoking:

Smoking has a gazillion adverse effects on your lungs, especially when you are an active smoker. But, little did you know that smoking can also cause hair loss. The facial wrinkles and premature hair graying are not to mention. 

Oh, you did not know that.

According to research, there’s a direct link between hair loss and smoking. Thus, quit smoking as soon as possible if you wish to prevent hair loss. 

To Sum It Up

Consider a balanced diet, scalp massage, or medications as other maxims to avoid hair loss. Hair loss is a common occurrence in men if it’s from pattern baldness mainly. 

You can look in for treatments to prevent hair or regrow them. However, the effectiveness varies with each person. All you’ve to do is talk to your doctor before going in for supplements or a hair loss treatment.