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We are FactoryTwoFour, and we write about the original lifestyle for modern gentleman. We believe that the modern man has a unique outlook on life compared to what we accept in the past. Our writers and vocal community celebrate taste and effort more than price tag. We collect all the best in travel, style, rides, and food & drink. If you’re ready to upgrade your brand or product, we would love to work with you.

Is your brand interested in aligning with FactoryTwoFour? We’re always on the hunt for new show products, movies, books, food and any other truly innovative items you might have. If you have a product and are looking for an honest and open review, we’d love to hear about it. We are a team that maintains a strong sense of journalistic integrity. What does this mean? We review everything we talk about, from the recipes to hotels. We live the experience to the fullest to stay true to our ideals. Since 2014, our growth has been incredible; the first year, we had 30,000 unique visitors, and in 2015, we climbed to over 2.5 million unique readers. We aren’t slowing down for 2016.

If this peaks your interest and you are interested in promoting your company or products through FactoryTwoFour, you can e-mail our staff at and we can come up with a custom marketing package designed to fit your needs.


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