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How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme

WordPress has become the most popular way to build a website. With nearly 40% of published websites being powered by WordPress, it is easily the most useful tool for those looking to create a new website. WordPress can be used to create professional websites for businesses or e-commerce platforms, or for more casual sites like blogs or portfolios. WordPress can also be pragmatically used to create membership sites, forums, and social networks. What makes WordPress so amazing? Well, aside from its diversity and user-friendliness, its wide range of themes helps those with limited web-design backgrounds create the website of their dreams. But choosing the right WordPress theme needs careful consideration. That’s why we made a list of a few points to consider when choosing the ideal WordPress theme. 

Simple Elegance

Pick a theme that is simple and not too busy. Busy websites can be difficult to look at and hard for your visitors to take in. Remember, regardless of your website’s nature, your visitors are on your website to either gather information or to interact. Either motive benefits from a simple, easy-to-follow site. Now, simple doesn’t have to be boring. Select a theme that has an edge, has good navigation functions, and doesn’t have you looking every which way when you look at it. Also consider the color of the theme. If you have a logo or design motif in your other work, your WordPress website should match it. 

SEO Friendliness

Different themes will have different search engine optimization levels, even with identical content. This is because their HTML code can be vastly different from others. You need to select a theme that is SEO optimized to make sure that when potential site visitors use an online search engine that your website appears higher up in the search results. There are online tools that you can use to verify if your WordPress theme generates proper HTML5 code. The experts from www.templatic.com demonstrate how many options are available with themes that are SEO friendly. If you select a theme that isn’t you may have to pay a developer or a company to help with the optimization. 

Device Compatibility

In this day and age it is absolutely necessary to make sure your website can be accessed properly from any device. Often, when choosing a theme, you will be browsing with a PC. but remember that the vast majority of your website’s visitors will access it with their mobile devices. Be sure to check the various themes you are interested in from a mobile device to make sure that the content appears as intended and that it is responsive. Oftentimes, the issues will be with image resizing, poor cropping, and incompatible plug is. There are countless WordPress themes available, and you are bound to find a theme that remains consistent regardless of the device being used.

Browser Compatibility

So we’ve established that your theme will work on most if not all devices and display your website as you intend it to be seen. The next issue to consider is the browser being used. If you use Google’s Chrome browser on both your PC and mobile device, access the theme using Edge, Opera, Firefox, or the plethora of other popular web browsers. There used to be an old joke about Internet Explorer, that if your website works on IE it will work on anything. While IE was revamped to Edge, the premise still holds weight. You must ensure your theme will not vary with the browser choice.

Check The Reviews

WordPress themes aren’t just available for you to peruse. They will have reviews and feedback from people who have used the theme and this can be an incredible source of help when selecting a theme appropriate for you. Since WordPress is open source, and are used by people with such a wide array of tech backgrounds, the reviews will likely comment on both the design’s aesthetic as well as its functionality. Find a well reviewed theme to make sure it won’t give you any trouble while designing your website.

In this ever digital world, having an online presence is key to any artist, business, or freelancer. Creating a website can seem daunting for those who don’t have a background in web design, but with WordPress themes at hand, anyone can have the website they dream of. Just be sure to select a theme that matches the aesthetic you like while also meeting all the technical nuances needed to make your site functional on any device, through any browser, and be practical for both the site’s visitors and search engines.