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How Country Music Reflects the Values and Traditions of Rural America

When people think about American values, they think about freedom, equality, and empowerment. Unfortunately, many in the nation, particularly those in urban areas, are trying to rewrite history and paint the United States in a bad light. Rural Americans tend to be less forgiving of individuals intent on changing traditional norms than city dwellers do, which is why it’s a lot more common to find good folk upholding righteous traditions and values in the countryside. This post will tell you how country music reflects the values of those who live in rural America.

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Musicians Who Understand Struggle

One of the reasons that country music reflects the values and traditions of rural America is that America was built on blood, sweat, and tears. The country was extremely difficult to establish. People died devoting their entire lives to the formation of the United States. Laying railroads from New York to California, for example, was no easy feat. The country musicians featured on the official Country Thang Daily website and others like it know and understand struggle. Their understanding of the real world, away from the comforts of large cities, is what keeps them grounded and true to themselves, and more than that, true to American citizens. Additionally, because they understand the struggle, they stick to traditional values and norms much more than people in cities might. A lot of city folk don’t quite get the struggles the everyday rural American goes through.

Sticking to Traditional American Values

America was built on traditional values and family dynamics. Unfortunately, many in the country are trying to fight back against them. In the country scene, these attempts are not working. Listeners to country music are notorious for being staunch traditionalists and understand the importance of the family. A good family behind you is unlike anything else. Artists in the country genre also have a tendency to discuss topics like the dissolution of the family in the United States. Take Whiskey Myers, a country rock band, for example. Whiskey Myers often references the destruction of traditional American values and holidays. Traditional values should be upheld because they are the foundation on which the United States was built. Ignoring them and letting them fall by the wayside is one of the worst things people can do.

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Music for Working People

Country music is music for working people who know how hard life can be. Working people’s music is not something that people who live in cities and do everything they can to avoid working tend to like, which is why country music is ridiculed by many of them, or it is called “simple.” Of course, not all city dwellers are caustic when it comes to country music, and many of them love it. In fact, people all around the world love country music. Artists like Johnny Cash and Townes Van Zandt have huge followings in places like South America and Europe.

Country music undeniably reflects the values of traditionalist rural Americans. The music is, without a doubt, made for working folk who know how hard the world can be. It’s a genre that’s definitely worth checking out if you are unfamiliar with it.