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SEO Trends That Everyone Needs to Know

The world of SEO is still evolving and continues to bring new trends to the internet. With online competitors trying to use new methods to bring their brand names up in the search engine results, it only makes sense for any website owner to upgrade their SEO strategies to maintain their website and satisfy both existing and new customers. So, if you want to know what SEO strategies are trending today, here are a couple that might interest you.

Successful backlinking means that you’ve followed a formula of various creative keywords, appealing content, and an adequate number of backlinks. Employing the best backlinking strategies will guarantee a good ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). However, tracking all your backlinks can be quite the task if you have to do it manually, so to ensure that you can track them easily, making use of the best backlink checkers can be a game-changer. These tools will give you a deep insight into all your backlinks, and will even give you tips on how to improve your future backlinks for better SERP ranking. Some checkers will even provide you with reports that include comparisons between your backlinks and those of your competitors. They also highlight your keywords to tell you what you’re doing wrong. For instance, if you are running a real estate SEO campaign, a backlink checker will analyze your backlink anchor texts and tell you if you are using keywords relevant to the real estate industry like “real estate agency” or “property for sale”. Other backlink checkers will give you the option to set alerts so you can track backlinks, keywords, and all the viral backlinking trends.


We’ve all tried voice searching on Google or other search engines at least once. Although it might have been ineffective in the past, voice search has now become a revolutionized SEO strategy. There are many things to support voice search, including voice assistants, smart speakers, and smartphones that are now more capable of picking up on your words more quickly, so it’s faster than using your finger to type something in the search bar. What proves this point further is that Google has shown that 41% of adults and 55% of teens are using voice search for multiple tasks, like playing music or making phone calls. This prompted many website owners to optimize their SEO strategies to make use of voice search. For example, voice search is longer and wordier, so using longer forms of keywords will make your website appear in search results

One of the most popular uses of voice search is to find places “near me”, so using this as a keyword will improve your ranking in the SERP as well. However, because voice search queries are usually long and wordy, their answers should be short, precise, and instantaneous, so if you’re going to utilize them, you need your keywords to be in question form with filler words.

Companies using videos for marketing is nothing new when it comes to SEO, but lately, optimizing videos for video search results has become more and more popular, as owners of these videos are using strategies like choosing the right video hosting platform. Your choice will depend on what you’re trying to optimize your video for. For example, if you want to establish brand awareness, then using platforms like YouTube and Vimeo may be the best option for you, as they garner traffic to the video rather than directing it towards your website. However, if you want more traffic to go to your website, then it will probably be better if you use platforms like Wistia, which can add SEO metadata to increase your traffic. 

Another strategy is adding appealing thumbnails. Choosing the thumbnail of a video should be done carefully, as it can be as important as your website’s homepage. You want it to be attractive, relevant to the content of your website, and colorful. You can also add a few words to it to attract attention and maximize your clickthrough rates. 

Mobile SEO

Using SEO to optimize your content via search results on smartphones is a common practice, but it’s increasingly rising in popularity this year, especially that stats show that more and more people today opt to use their phones to search the web instead of using their computers. Almost 58% of Google searches are done on mobile devices, so making your website compatible with smartphones and tablets should be any website owner’s top priority. Multiple methods can be implemented to achieve this, like using separate URLs for computer users and mobile users. The M configuration is designed for mobile browsers, but it is now outdated due to issues in managing the links and also because you’ll have to make separate URLs for all the content on your website.

However, there are other options, like dynamic serving, which is basically using the same URL for all desktop and mobile users, but showing a different display depending on the device they’re using. Dynamic serving also has an issue similar to M configuration, which is having to make different versions of your website each time a new device comes out. This makes the last option, responsive design, the best of the three methods, as it solves the issues existing both in the M configuration and dynamic serving by automatically changing the display according to the device you’re using without having to resort to different HTML or URL.

Using Influencers

When ads start popping up, the typical internet surfer would instantly close them without actually looking at the content. However, if you use an influencing figure for your marketing campaign, people will be more compelled to see the content of your ad and see how you’ve integrated a well-known person into your video. Several marketers have already been using this strategy since 2017 and it pretty much works, as they have shown a great increase in SERP ranking.

Getting familiar with the most effective SEO trends is essential to any website, especially for new websites, since gaining traffic at the beginning should be your main goal. If you’re having trouble grasping all SEO concepts and jargon, you can always seek the help of an experienced SEO management company that will point you in the right direction and even give you tips on which strategies you should start with.