Hydro Flask — Colder. Hotter. Longer. Happier.

Whether keeping your water icy cold on a triple digit Utah day, or invigoratingly warm after a long ski day, Hydro Flasks is there. With unprecedented insulation technology, inspired by the honeycomb design of bees, Hydro Flask guarantees keeping your bevie’ at the temperature you want for at least 6 hours. With a 32 oz. volume, the wide-mouth edition is surprisingly light. This is due to the vacuum created by the lightweight TempShield double layer construction, eliminating the need for bulky bottom- or top-caps allowing you to get on with your adventure.
The Flex-Cap is crafted to be comfortable. Flexible, durable TPU material, and a new wide handle design mean you can easily carry your favorite beverage with you all day long, and broken carrying straps are a thing of the past.


Hydro Flask pictured with Ridgemont Outfitters Crests and Braun timepiece


We are not unfamiliar with Hydro Flask products, and have been astonished by how well they live up to the hype, as our own Nick True concluded using a laser thermometer in the past with their Growler to double-check their temperature claims. This one though is really next level, and due to the beefy 18/8 Reiner Edelstahl steel, could double as a deadly weapon – it even has a lifetime warranty. Hydro Flask works closely with 12 different charities, and donate 5% of their net revenue to these non-profit groups, with a focus on preserving the environment and the beauty it has to offer.

No matter how far away or close to home you’re going, the Hydro Flask will be there for your refreshment; be sure to grab one for your next adventure.