Camping trip

3 Tips To Make Your First Camping Trip Fun

Camping is a brilliant activity that is extremely fun when it’s planned correctly. Otherwise, your camping trip might become incredibly dull, it might be a lot of hard work, and your campmates will hate it. Camping is something that needs to be planned extensively because you’re putting yourself out there in the wild with few supplies. As such, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible.

So to make your first adventure a lot more fun, laid-back, and simple to plan, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


If you’re an absolute beginner, make sure you read a guide

Before you invest any more time and money into camping, make absolutely sure that you read a guide to camping and study it thoroughly. Guides will tell you everything that you need to know and it’ll help you better understand your responsibilities and also the activities you can do while camping. You’ll also get a rough idea of what gear you’ll need to buy and how much you should be spending on it.

A guide will give you a solid foundation to start your new camping hobby. Make sure you read a detailed guide and take notes if you think that there are important points that you should remember.

Don’t be stubborn–bring your tech and keep it there for safety

Many people dislike the idea of bringing tech like smartphones and laptops to a camping trip because it goes against the idea of being surrounded by nature. However, smartphones and similar tech are far too useful to give up, especially when they could potentially save someone’s life or prevent you from getting lost.

Don’t be stubborn when it comes to tech! Bring as much tech as you want if it helps to keep you safe and entertains you throughout your trip. This is especially true for your first few camping adventures where it can be a little hard to find fun things to try and do.

Don’t invest all of your money at first; keep things simple and rent when possible

There are some amazing hybrid caravans and campers that you can purchase, but it’s understandable that not everyone can invest the money into one. If you want to enjoy camping as a weekend activity or a summer trip, then you might want to rent a camper instead. You can start camping with a very little budget as long as you spend your money wisely, but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t invest in a vehicle of your own.

If you still love the idea of camping after your first few trips, then you should absolutely put down a deposit and finance a large camper or just buy one outright if you can afford it. Campers hold value fairly well if you ever wanted to sell it, and it opens up many new opportunities for road trips and adventures with friends and family members.

But for now, keep things simple and rent when possible to keep the costs low while you explore camping and all of the fun activities that it comes with.