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Let’s Name Your Car

Cars  /   /  By Adam Kaslikowski

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ExxonMobil. The opinions and text are all mine.

Let’s be honest, if you and your car were in a relationship the car would be the one doing all the work to keep the love alive. It gets you where you need to go, it hauls around your stuff and helps you move, and it is your rolling private concert hall. You on the other hand neglect it, bump it into things, and sprinkle it with crumbs and skin flakes. Your vehicle is clearly the heavy lifter here, but it doesn’t take much to rescue your relationship. With just an oil change, an air freshener, and giving your car a great name, your love might just be rekindled. So let’s get to it and name your car.

Naming your car is the going steady of the car world. It elevates your relationship to the next level and makes you care a lot more about your ride. Heaven forbid you might even take better care of it. But what to name it? Ah, a question as old as time…

40% of millennials name their cars according to eBay motors, and the most common car names are Betsy, Betty, Bertha, Bessie, and Baby – no joke, they all start with “B” for some reason. Us millennials are just as crazy as they say. But there’s no need to follow the pack and a B-list name (see what I did there?). Mobil 1™ has created the ‘Namulator’ to help you create a name for your car based upon your and your car’s personality and you can even show it off online. We did it for FactoryTwoFour’s vintage 2002 and got Rad-Rod – which is radical.

If you want to adorn your chariot with its pitch-perfect name, Mobil 1 will create and send you a license plate frame with it printed on for you. To really take your relationship with your car to the next level, buy 5 quarts of Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil at AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, or Pep Boys and visit the Namulator site to get hooked up. So in other words, you can do that Mobil 1 oil change you need anyway, throw in an air freshener while you’re at it, and make your car’s name official in one big fresh for 2017 swoop. Welcome to a healthy automotive relationship.

Adam Kaslikowski
About the Author

Co-founder and CEO of FactoryTwoFour. I enjoy writing about all factors of this lifestyle of ours. If I'm not writing or running F24, you can generally find me in the garage tinkering on a vintage car or motorcycle. If you need anything from me, try bribing with Randy's Donuts first.

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