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Simple Ways To Help You Get Back Into Driving Again

If you’ve been working from home for most of the past year then there’s a good chance that you’ve rarely had a chance to use your car. If you find that it’s daunting to go back and start using your car, then we’ve got a couple of tips that will help you remember how to drive and get comfortable with driving again.

Make sure you regularly fire up your car and go for a little drive

Leaving a car in your garage and neglecting to start it for months can be detrimental to the vehicle. Make sure you take it for a little drive every now and then even if it’s just a lap around the block. This will help you get used to driving again and helps you keep your muscle memory.

Perform your basic security checks

When you first started driving, you probably performed a bunch of security checks to ensure the vehicle is in good condition and suitable for driving. Try remembering those checks to help you feel at ease before you get into your car again.

Readjust your seat and get comfortable

It’s also important to get comfortable with your car again. Readjust the seat and make sure you’re sitting in a good position that doesn’t hurt your legs or your back.

Refresh your knowledge of road signs

If you’ve not driven on a road for a long time then it’s worth brushing up with a quick check of all the road signs again. Below, we’ve included a helpful infographic that explains all of the road signs that you should be aware of.

Infographic by: List of Road Signs