Want to Arrive in Style at Your Next Event? Here’s How

First impressions matter. Whether we like it or not, this is a truth that we have all grappled with. The beginning of a story is always important, and is the first reference point we have to understand the rest from. The same goes for meeting people and how you want to be perceived. How often do you judge people you meet? And how often do you stick to that judgement? How harsh are you, and do you believe that others are just as harsh with you, too? You won’t be able to answer that last one, but if you want to arrive in style at your next event there are a few questions you need to ask yourself (and answer) before you fly out the door.

What Are You Wearing?

In a world of appearances, your first visual point of contact is through fashion, accessories, hairstyle (teeth, nails, skin…). You establish an identity using these tools to communicate it to the world and people around you. A lot of thought should go into your outfit – are you trying to impress? Or are you more modest? Confidence can be communicated with both bling and simplicity. What you wear should make you feel comfortable, physically and mentally, because if it doesn’t, then, however expensive or rare your clothes might be, everyone will be able to see through you. To avoid disappointment, the product should match its packaging.

What Are You Arriving In?

The next layer through which you can impress a crowd, beyond the clothes you arrive in, is the vehicle you choose. Limousines are an all-time favorite and there are plenty of options to customize them inside and out, different paint jobs and materials, that you can always show you’re different. On top of the usual black or white ones, there are stunning silver limousines that really make a statement no matter what the event. Their neutral color tone speaks of elegance and maturity. If you’re ever looking for one around Perth or in Western Australia, then you certainly won’t have any trouble finding limo services to suit your needs. The options and services provided at Lavish Limousines give you good insight into how much you’ll need to pay per hour, and also what kind of variety you’ll be able to have when consulting a limo service, wherever you are. When you finally demarcate yourself from the masses in style and individuality, there’s no denying you’ll make an unforgettable first impression and surprise those who already know you.

When Are You Arriving?

The fashion is late, they say. But how late? That’s always a tricky question, and the answer will tend to vary depending on the group of people you ask. If you’re unsure and want to play it safe, then aim to arrive within the first fifteen minutes of the event. Try not to be the first – nobody wants that – you’ll be awkwardly standing there alone, and most of all, nobody will be there to see you make your entrance. If this is a group of friends you are already familiar with – then, by all means, take an educated guess. Some people won’t mind it if you arrive in style an hour late, but others might just choose to shun you for the rest of the evening (or your life).

How Do You Smell?

This is often underlooked. There’s a joke that goes along the lines that the French invented perfume because they never showered back in the day. But that’s a misconception, the Ancient Egyptians used to place little cones of scents and animal fats in the hair and wigs and let them melt throughout the day as far back as five thousand years ago. Smell is a very strong sense, and it’s the best at triggering and recalling intense emotions and memories. You know what I mean. So, unlike the French, make sure you are clean and dry before you put on any scents. And remember, apply your perfume or Eau de toilette directly onto your skin rather than your clothes, where it would just evaporate without blending with the oils of your skin. Don’t overdo it, or people will be standing further away from you than the social distancing guidelines require. Besides putting on cologne, your breath also contributes to smell. If you’re conscious about bad breath, you can check out teeth cleaning services in Orthodontics Avon Lake OH.

The most important thing to remember if you want to look confident is that you have to be confident. The easiest, time-tested method to arrive in style isn’t a secret and is quite straightforward: be yourself, and have fun. If you just show your bling and lack personality, you definitely will be noticed, and talked about – but you will also probably be used and made fun of behind your back. That doesn’t work the other way around though – if your personality outshines your boring white tee and shirt combo, then that is hardly something to be worried about. Be there just when you have to be, just when you want to be; and give your choice of vehicular transportation a thought, too. Oh, and, last but not least – and this cannot be stressed enough: smell yourself.