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How To Keep Your Confidence With Age

Age should never be an influence on how much confidence you have. You are just as valuable at the age of seventy-five as you are at the age of nineteen with your entire life ahead of you. Anyone who makes you feel lesser-than for being older is simply wrong, and uninformed. Additionally, it’s stupid. Most of us, touch wood, will be able to live out a full life and it seems like a positive consequence of that is getting older in age.

But age is just a number. Unfortunately, many people do feel a little like they’re ‘past it’ when they reach a certain age range. For instance, we see famous Hollywood celebrities drastically alter their face in order to stay youthful, when ageing gracefully may have sometimes been a better option, and this is not to cast judgement on their decision in a critical manner. But how can you keep your confidence with age? Do you just have to decide that you retain it, or does it take maintenance? We’d love to discuss that and recommend techniques through answering that question below:

Understand Your Worth

To keep confident, you need to understand your worth. To understand your worth, you need to confirm it. This may mean taking the time to ensure you’re on top of your health, and that you’re doing that which you can to make healthy decisions, be that through exercise, the social situations you choose, and the disciplines you keep. When was the last time you had an annual medical check-up? Or did you reach out to dentist near me Cookeville for your oral care needs? That reflects a lot about how you see yourself. Understanding your worth may be found in not allowing someone to talk down to you, or to avoid enabling a toxic person in your life. It may be found in finally learning how to live by yourself after a difficult and abusive relationship, or it may simply be found in using Finasteride for hair loss in order to help you love your image and enjoy preening yourself carefully. If you’re not telling yourself that you’re more than enough, how else do you expect to believe it?

Express Your Worth

Expressing your personal worth can be a fantastic use of your time. What does this mean? Well, it means not hiding yourself away. Think of all the people who have fantastic singing voices on this Earth but not the confidence to sing. How tragic that is. Of course, this doesn’t mean said person should be part of any open mic they could find, or that they should sing to everyone they meet. But if you love something, and you’re good at it, or those are desires you hold for a certain practice, it can be nice to express your worth through those methods. 

Whatever makes you happy is enough, no matter if you’re interested in simple knitting or extreme yoga, whatever allows you to feel the peak of your personality is amazing. From there, you can challenge yourself through new hobbies and experiences, constantly finding a new hill to climb, and constantly interested in building up your experience. As far as we’re concerned, there’s almost nothing better than realizing yes, you can.

Stay Positive

There’s a certain arrogance that comes with age, but we’d rather define it as resilience. It’s the emotion and set of defences you have when you realize that you have nothing to prove to anyone, because you’ve already tried that so many times in the past only for it to work out poorly. The more you realize that you only have something to prove to yourself, the healthier you become. This makes staying positive much easier, because you no longer have to define yourself by someone else’s worth.

For instance, you may be sixty years old, a janitor for a local school, and yet you wish to try a new form of dance like salsa as a complete beginner. Why not do that? Why not stay positive and enjoy yourself, no matter what someone may think? Should you ask permission from someone to try it, or should you just see what happens? The more you can curate this mindset the less silly mental blocks can hold you back or cause you trouble, because in the long run, you’ll be living life on your terms. If there’s any better method of keeping and even improving your confidence, it’s yet to be found.

All of this advice should point to one fact, that age is just a number and has no bearing on the value you hold or the potential within. We challenge you not only to try and adopt that mindset, but to live it. This is where life opens its doors and you stand ready, no matter your age, to leap out with enthusiasm.