4 Fitness Gadgets To Ensure You Stay In Shape During Lockdown

Lockdown isn’t easy, but at least it lets you focus on the areas of life that you neglected before. Pretty much everyone has to admit that they didn’t concentrate on staying in shape before the Coronavirus pandemic. Pre-COVID-19, life seemed a lot more complicated. Now, with fewer activities to stave off boredom, you enjoy eating healthily and burning calories.

Of course, self-isolation is a grind because it becomes monotonous after a while. When you’re doing the same things over and over, it’s as if you’re Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Here are the must-have gadgets to ensure you stay fit and maintain your motivation until life returns to normal.

Full Gym

A full gym isn’t suitable for everybody. You need plenty of space, first and foremost, as the equipment is bulky. Plus, you want to be comfortable when you exercise. Also, you may find that the area is better used as a spare bedroom or study. However, if you decide a home gym design is the right move, you will benefit from everything from accessibility and ease of use to self-awareness. Home gyms are popular because you can roll out of bed and get the blood pumping without fear of being judged.


Why do you need a Fitbit if you’re locked down at home? It’s because a Fitbit tracks all of your movements and activities during the day. By glancing at the watch face, you’ll see how active you have been and whether you should up your intensity. Also, smartwatches help to highlight your sleep patterns. A huge part of exercising successfully is getting seven to nine hours of quality rest per night. A Fitbit will show you when you’re waking up or slipping out of REMs sleep so that you can rectify the issue and feel more energized.


There are plenty of home-based workout apps on the market, yet FiiT is incredibly popular around the world. One of the reasons is that it’s free and has a range of sessions that help you target your body’s problem areas. So, if you want to strengthen your core or your whole body, you can choose the relevant program. For those who want more, the paid version allows you to sync a movement tracker to your session. At a couple of dollars a month, the extra PT classes are varied and provide plenty of options.

Body Calipers

Anybody trying to lose weight will jump on the scales and use the figure as a reference point. While how much you weigh is a factor in your health, it’s not a foolproof strategy. This is because, especially if you use FiiT classes, you can lose inches and put on muscle. As a result, your weight will stay the same or increase. This doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy, yet the disappointment and perceived lack of progress could encourage you to quit. Therefore, it’s vital to use body calipers in conjunction with scales.

That way, you’ll see whether you’re losing fat on your sides as well as your stomach.