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Destiny 2 Newbie Guide

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer video game developed by Bungie and released by Activision in September 2017. This is a sci-fi first-person shooter where players go on exciting adventures with friends to explore different worlds, fight against powerful enemies, and complete quests. Despite the fact that the game is no longer new, it is still very popular among players and is one of the best online games on the market. 

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There are 3 main classes in the game, and each of them has special skills. Depending on your skills, you can play aggressively or carefully, jump into the epicenter of the battle or shoot back at a great distance.


Outwardly, he looks like a space marine from old films. This class is designed for those who like to use brute force. Thanks to its defensive abilities, the Titan survives in battles without any problems.

By choosing a Titan, you will receive passive abilities that give melee bonuses and increase damage resistance.


The hunter is a master of disguise and ambush in Destiny 2. All classes have good mobility, but this one can dodge attacks and quickly move between positions. The hunter is able to climb over the elements of the landscape, and because of this, he climbs into places inaccessible to Warlocks and Titans.

By taking this class, you will become almost invulnerable to immobile opponents.

If you do not like to sit in the shadows and want to get into the thick of things, pay attention to the Stormbreaker subclass. He has a superpower that gives him an electric staff. With character abilities and powerful melee weapons, even tanks will die instantly.


The Warlock is a mage from the future that has devastating offensive skills and healing skills. He is an indispensable member of the team when passing high-level raids. Most often, Warlocks are taken to pass levels together, because. Class alone is not so good.


There are currently 3 main weapon classes in the game:

  • Kinetic. Assault rifles, submachine guns, etc. Deals massive damage to enemy weak spots. Kinetic cannons you will almost always use due to their effectiveness against players and mobs;
  • Energy. The weapon deals elemental damage (Lightning, Sun, and Void). Ammunition for it falls from the corpses of enemies, so there will be no problems with cartridges in skirmishes. Energy weapons are often taken as an additional weapon, because. It’s perfect for destroying shields;
  • Power. This is the most powerful weapon in the game and usually kills the target in 1 hit. Power weapons include rocket launchers, grenade launchers, swords, and sniper rifles. In PVP, they have no equal in damage, but you need to be able to shoot accurately. In co-op mode, guns are used to kill bosses.

Ammunition types

Guardians use weapons with 3 types of ammunition:

  1. Basic (white bullet icon). Ammo of this type is infinite. However, primary ammo does comparatively little damage;
  2. Special (sign 2 green bullets);
  3. Rare (sign 3 bullets purple).

Depending on the features of the level and your gameplay, you can take 2 main or special weapons. In the first case, you will always have ammo, but little damage. Bosses with such a gun are extremely difficult to kill.

Sometimes players will take on a mission 2 weapons with rare and special supplies. They are more effective against thick opponents, but the bullets will be worth their weight in gold. If you decide to use such a weapon, then try not to miss it.

The best option is a set of the main gun and a special or rare one. The first will help to break through heaps of weak enemies, and the second will blow up the boss.

Destiny 2


Not only weapons but also armor affect the Guardian’s power level. The equipment has a stat called Protection, which reflects the effectiveness of the suit.

Armor Options:

  • Energy. The amount of energy determines what buffs can be placed;
  • Mobility. This is the speed of movement;
  • Persistence. Affects the strength of the barrier;
  • Recovery. Increases health regeneration;
  • Discipline. Shows grenade reload speed;
  • Intelligence. Allows you to use superpowers more often;
  • Force. Recharges the energy of melee skills.

What are the missions?

Most of the tasks can be found on the map or taken from the NPC in Destiny 2. At the beginning of the game, you will have a huge choice of missions, but in the end game, you will be able to fight other players at the most.


NPCs that meet in safe locations often give out quests. For the execution the guard will receive experience, resources, and, possibly, ammunition. The reward depends entirely on the difficulty of the quest. If the contract says that you need to kill a squad of enemies while playing as a Warlock, then you are unlikely to get good loot. It is best to pay attention to more complex tasks, because. There and the reward is more attractive.


Adventures are called long tasks with a unique plot. On the map, they are marked with an orange sword. Such missions are useful in that they allow you to understand in more detail the events of the game, and why the world was on the verge of complete destruction. In addition, the passage will give engrams with good equipment.

Destiny 2 is an exciting adventure that even an inexperienced player can dive into. With the help of our guide, you can make the right choice for choosing a character and pumping.