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4 Things You Should Know About Podcast Hosting Platforms

A recent study showed that at least one-third of Americans listen to a podcast at least once a month. This statistic shows that podcasting is now a popular source of information or entertainment. Thanks to this growing demand for podcasts, the emergence of podcasting platforms is inevitable. However, what do you know about podcasting? A typical person will tell you what it is, but many do not know much about what happens behind the scenes. In this article, I will tell you more about something called podcasting platforms. Just as the word suggests, this is a podium where you can anchor or host your podcast. Whenever you stream a podcast, it is rendered directly from the hosting platform and not from the creator. 

Some people use their websites as a hosting area or platform. To do that, you need to have the infrastructure to render the stream seamlessly. Alternatively, you can use professional hosting platforms. The advantages are many because you will most likely not incur the high costs of setting up the required infrastructure. You can view various hosting platforms online. In this article, you can find an insightful guide on each of the popular podcast hosting platforms. It is an excellent place to start your guide. Before digressing too much, let’s dive into the four most important things you need to know about the podcast hosting platforms.

Packaging and design

This is perhaps the most important thing that you need to understand. These platforms offer different packages for different groups. If you are an individual, you will not need an enterprise-level package. You will end up underusing most of the features of the package. Choosing the correct package for you ensures that you can achieve the best from your podcasting. If you choose a package that does not have all the features that your business or brand needs, you will end up hurting it. Businesses and brands rely heavily on analytics and other functions. Ensure that you have all that is needed.

The technology behind the platform

Different technologies yield different results. For example, some techniques will lead to high-quality audio quality than others. Issues of coverage, bandwidth, and embeddedness of the audio will determine how well you perform as a podcaster. It will determine the uptime guarantee and server reliability. You don’t want people to get error messages every time they are trying to download your podcast. 

When choosing a provider, it will be essential to study the technology behind the hosting platform. You can also use several podcasts from the selected platform before you can make the decision. The idea is to pick a platform that keeps your files in the way that you intended them to be. Some hosting platforms have their standard way of storing data and metadata information. Make sure you are comfortable with possible changes. 


The pricing is not very straightforward and can range from free to tens of dollars per month, so you need to know your budget. Some platforms use the number of downloads to determine the prices while others rely on bandwidth and coverage quality. No-fault coverage is the preferred option for any package. Therefore, it should come as a default option for any payable package. No one wants to use low-quality audio at a time when there is enough technology to ensure that the quality is pristine. Other platforms get creative with their pricing by using the number of hours’ worth of podcasts. Beyond all these approaches, there are other customer service and value-added services such as monetization support, marketing support such as RSS, and professional tools.

Model and business approach

Podcast platforms make money through several methods. The most popular is through selling subscriptions. However, the most important metric for them is the number of downloads going through their platform. If you are successful, they will be successful. Platforms that support your hustle are better than those that only want to profit from you. The most popular models are those that bill based on value-addition and the number of podcast downloads. 

In that case, if you are doing well, you will get more downloads. Such a company will charge more based on your success. This win-win situation will be beneficial for everyone. A good platform should have various promotions and marketing tools to choose from. They should also offer value-for-money exchange. 

While the hosting platforms should essentially make it possible for your customers to access audio files easily, there is a need to choose a platform that offers you an opportunity to realize your objectives. That includes comfortable pricing, matching business approach and model, and the packaging.