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Popular Hairstyles for Blonde Hair in 2021

If you like to stay up-to-date on the latest hair styling trends for blonde hair, then don’t do yourself a disservice by missing out on top trending hairstyles!

The great thing about modern professional hair coloring is that what you can achieve is so surprising and impressive – but a hair aficionado like you already knew that, right?

Before 2021 ends, book your salon appointment and try one of these awesome hairstyling trends for 2021: gorgeous color! 

Billie Eilish’s Retro Hollywood Blonde

If you think Billie Eilish’s locks are still rocking the lime-green and black look, you’ve been living in the past. The “Bury a Friend” singer has gone blonde – and a really special shade of it!

Retro Hollywood blonde is a lovely golden blonde shade, akin to the champagne blonde, and Billie’s took six weeks to achieve.

Her stylist said they avoided damage by using some of the best and latest professional products available, so if you’re pining for retro Hollywood blonde hair, it’s wise that you visit your hair stylist to get it. Otherwise, you may end up with damaged tresses.

Mushroom Blonde

A handful of years ago, mushroom brown was all-the-rage, but in 2021, things are lightening up, and the blonde version is rising in popularity.

Mushroom blonde consists of several shades, including blonde, ashy brown, and gray, so it works on both brunettes and natural blondes. It’s lighter than light brown, but darker than dark blonde.

This year’s popular hair shade adds some interest to otherwise common color looks: bronde, blond, or brown. It’s a unique hair color for sure.

Icy White

Go tow-headed this year with an icy white blonde color, which looks especially amazing with a bob haircut.

Icy white  is such a pale, light blonde that it almost looks purely white, without only traces of gray or yellow undertones.

But achieving icy white means some major bleaching, which is why you absolutely must get salon services for this shade if you don’t want to have to shave your head afterward.


Bold mermaid hair is falling out of favor with fashionistas, but pastel shades are rising in popularity. These pale colors are akin to taffy, and are so easy to apply if you’re already blonde!

Play around with semi-permanent toners to try different pastel colors. You can even make your own by mixing inexpensive conditioner with a few drops of color, and applying it in the shower.

This method fades quickly, so you’ll need to re-apply if you’re looking for long-term color – but it lasts the perfect amount of time for a bit of fun! (Blue or green tones can be longer-lasting, so take that into consideration before trying this trend.)

Toasted Coconut Blonde

Hair takes on a decidedly dessert-y hue with toasted coconut blonde. This tri-toned look is ideal for people who like to change their style repeatedly, or who are looking for something truly different.

The root is brown, either grown-out or dyed in, and transitions into a creamy blonde before fading out to an icy white. Your colorist achieves this using the balayage technique, which requires a fair amount of skill and know-how, especially to successfully blend three shades. 

Champagne Pop Blonde

With cool undertones and an overall ashy hue, champagne pop blonde adds a bit of highlight to create an immense depth of color.

The mix of warmer tones of champagne blonde with streaks of ash and platinum creates the illusion of pale blonde hair, with a natural feel. It requires a bit less bleaching as compared to other colors, so it’s a great option if you’re not up for quite so many chemicals.

See a Professional to Drastically Change Your Hair Color!

If you’re looking for a big change to your hair color, it’s in your best interest to visit a professional in a hair salon for a consultation, and to let the pro handle the color changes for you.

Hair color and bleach are chemicals that can harm your hair – and if you’re going for these dramatic changes, you need quite a lot of them to make it work.

That’s why complex colors like these are best left to the professionals, who know how to protect your hair follicle and avoid as much breakage and damage as possible.

And if you’re going to head into the salon anyway, you might as well make a day of it with some relaxing day spa services, too!