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5 Ways to Get Chores Done During City Rush Hour

Millions of vehicles on the streets during rush hours clog the system. It seems like no one is moving anywhere. It’s like someone blocked all roads, and it takes hours to get from one place to another by car. You’d love to swipe the way magically, but that’s not possible.

Sometimes you have urgent tasks during rush hour. You can’t take your car because you know you’ll get blocked at the first traffic light, but you must find a way. You simply need to get somewhere when it’s the biggest traffic jam.

Some cities have trains that will not follow standard traffic rules, but they do not exist in all parts of the world and all cities. They also do not cover all parts, and getting somewhere might be impossible. So what are the best ways? Follow up and see the five best ways to get from one place to another inside the city during rush hour.

1. Walking or running has multiple benefits

We mentioned the train, so you might want to take the train to get as close to your destination and spend the rest of the way walking or running. This is great exercise, and you’ll be as healthy as possible if you activate your body.

Many people who live within a reasonable office distance will walk or jog to work in the morning. Morning rush hours are the worst, and if you don’t want to arrive too early or be late at work, we suggest using your own feet as the fastest and healthiest transportation device.

2. Biking gets you anywhere safely

Another healthy alternative is biking. Using a bicycle, you can get anywhere you want without spending money. It also burns calories, builds muscles, and promotes healthy living. Aside from these obvious benefits of riding a bike, you’ll also get where you’re headed without too much trouble.

Bikes usually have specialized lanes where no other traffic is allowed. Bikers will easily get from one place to another within minutes. Even if we have to cross streets and wait for traffic lights, the time spent there is not even close to what you’ll spend in a car.

Bikes are also much faster than walking or running. The average city bike speed is around 16 Kmh, which is far faster than running and will not get you as exhausted. If you need to get somewhere even faster, you can push a little more on the pedals and bike faster.

3. E-scooters for the fastest delivery

The scooter is the ultimate fast way to get from point A to point B and not use a traditional vehicle. These things can go extremely fast for their size. The fastest can move at more than 120 Kmh, which is a speed that’s extremely fast considering you’re standing on top of a scooter.

You don’t need these racing scooters. Look for the best electric scooters in Australia that will not fail you when you have no time to recharge your batteries. The power is not as essential as the size and longevity of the battery. What’s crucial is the time spent recharging.

With these e-scooters, you can go through cars standing on the lights, use the bikers’ paths, and drive through parks. They are not considered vehicles, but they are also not bicycles, so have this in mind when driving because safety always comes first.

4. City mail services

If you have no other options, you can call the city mail services that respond promptly. Many of those come by scooters or bikes and deliver what you need fast and precisely. Of course, they charge for the service, but they are a great choice if money is not an option.

These guys know the city to its core and will know how to get to a place using the fastest ways. There’s no traffic jam for them because they use the transport we talked about above. They also guarantee the delivery time, so you can enjoy the comfort of your home or office knowing they’ll get the job done.

5. Drone delivery

Do you know the latest tech acquisition of Amazon? It’s drones. The company uses drones to deliver small packages to the doorstep of people who order something through their page. The air has no traffic, and their drones use simple batteries to make them fly.

If you love the idea, you may get yourself one of these drones and use the time while they are still not limited from flying. There are still no regulations that will prevent you from delivering a package or getting one from somewhere around the city. This will be a regular way of sending and receiving packages in the future, so why not use the momentum to see how it all works?