Awesome Gifts For Him This Year

If you’ve ever asked your dad, brother, a best friend, or partner what gifts they want for Christmas and been met with a disinterested shrug, you know how difficult it can be to buy for guys over the holiday season. We get it. Guys don’t always like to make a fuss, and often they’re happy with just about anything.

Even if they’re reluctant to tell you, they will still appreciate something, whether it’s a funny gift or a couple’s hoodie. There’s no way to cover everything a guy could possibly want, but here are ten awesome gift ideas to get him this year.

For The Bookworms

Considering how much time you’ll likely spend indoors over Christmas, you may as well make the most of it and let him catch up on his To Be Read pile, but once he runs out of that, he’ll be begging for more. These best books to read for men is a superb place to start and should tide him over at least until his birthday rolls around.

For The Adrenaline Junkies

If you want to get ahead of the curve for imitation combat, gel blasters are fast replacing paintball guns or as an awesome bachelor party activity. They help recreate the fast-paced nature of the best shooter RPGs around and are suitable both backyard and dedicated course action, so the fun is never too far away.

For The Gentlemen Drinkers

Beer? Rum and coke? Jagerbombs? No, these are all signs of someone who’s only just stepped into adulthood and is looking to make up for lost time. Instead, picking from one of the many whiskey brands is sure to get him itching to pour an Old Fashioned and sit beside the campfire. Whiskey is cool, it’s sophisticated, and it’s easy to separate the professionals from the amateurs by how they drink it.

For The Petrol Heads

Guys who love their cars really love their cars, so any car-related gifts are a win. However, they’ve likely been getting stuff to spruce up his car their entire life, so why not think outside the box? Treat them to a day exploring iconic factories and museums of their favorite rides, just keep them in sight at all times, as they may never want to leave. 

For The Dedicated Followers of Fashion

Unlike women’s fashion, men’s fashion is pretty straightforward. The shirt-jeans-shoes combo works at just about any time of year, but with such a simple wardrobe, it’s easy to get bored with the options available. Treating him to a couple of new t-shirts for relaxing on weekends or a smart button-down for special occasions will go down well, and give him something to show off on New Year’s Eve. Selecting gifts for that special guy gets even more straightforward when you browse Good Man Brand here. After all, the good man in your life deserves the best, including leather sneakers.

For The Getting-Married-Soon Friends 

You are just as excited as your best buddy who is getting married soon. Before you and the guys send him off to marry the love of his life, surprise him with a wedding handkerchief customized for him. Consider the hankie a heartfelt and handy gift for the groom who’ll probably cry on his wedding day.

A Present Surprise

Shopping for guys’ gifts isn’t as tricky as it’s made out to be. They are often simple people who are focused less on what you bought them and more you got them anything at all. Basically, if they can use it more than once and make a memory from the experience, they’ll love it. While they might not show it outwardly, they’re more than grateful. So thanks, from them and us.