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These 7 Secrets Will Maximize Your Car Accident Injury Settlement

On average, most personal injury settlement cases range from $3,000 to $75,000. This information paints a clear picture of just how vast the settlements vary.

You should also know that in some cases, the settlement can be much lower than $3k. Likewise, it can reach six figures.

So, what exactly determines the compensation you’ll receive? Several factors affect a personal injury settlement. The nature of your injuries, the circumstances of the accident, and your representation hugely determine how much you receive.

With that said, the following secrets should help maximize your settlement as much as possible.

Report To The Police As Soon As Possible

After suffering an injury in a road crash, call an ambulance and the police right away. When the police arrive at the scene, share all the key details related to the crash.

While we understand that the accident can leave you disoriented, it’s critical to retain your composure recollect your thoughts. This helps in ensuring that your initial statement is accurate.

The police report should capture the names and contacts of all the parties involved. This includes the other driver as well as passengers and property owners affected by the incident.

If there are witnesses in the scene, point them in the direction of the officers and ensure their statements are captured. You should also take down their contact information.

Collect Your Evidence

Cases are built upon evidence. To increase your chances of getting a good injury settlement, start collecting evidence from the scene. That’s, of course, if you are not too injured to walk around. 

If your injuries are severe, let the police collect the evidence on your behalf. You can also request a friendly witness to capture images of the scene on your behalf.

The critical pieces of evidence you need to document are:

  • Your injuries
  • Plates of the vehicles involved
  • Images of the damages done to the car. Capture all damages, including the seemingly insignificant ones
  • Contact and insurance details of the drivers involved.
  • Types of vehicles in the accident
  • Contacts of witnesses

To give the accident some context, capture the surrounding scene and any road signs present in the area.

Seek Treatment Right Away

You can call the ambulance while at the scene or visit the ER after collecting the evidence and filing the report. It all depends on the extent of your injuries and the state of the other people involved in the accident.

The bottom line is you must not resume your normal life without seeing a doctor. This dangerous for your wellbeing, and it also affects your claim.

In case you didn’t know, some injuries can appear minor, yet they’ve had a devastating effect from the inside. Seeing a physician is the only way to know how serious the injuries are.

The medical records from the hospital will also add to your evidence. They help in calculating the claim and pushing for the payment.

It’s worth pointing out that delayed medical records can deny or reduce your injury settlement. If the other party’s insurance notices the dates of these records were much later after the accident, they can argue that the incident in question never caused the injuries.

Hire A Car Accident Attorney

There is only so much you can do on your own when it comes to car accident settlements. At some point, you’ll need to hire a lawyer. They’ll reduce your burden and smooths the entire process.

That said, be careful with who you choose to represent you. You deserve an experienced and present lawyer. For that reason, we recommend hiring a reputable local attorney. Therefore, if you live somewhere like Gainesville, a car accident lawyer in Georgia is a good choice. The attorney will be available to you almost round the clock, which is just what you want when you’re already under immense physical and emotional pain.

Stay Away From Social Media

Do your best to avoid social media when the case is ongoing. A post that may seem harmless to you can be used by the opposing attorneys to discredit your claim. And yes, their arguments can affect your injury settlement.

Watch Your Conversations With The Insurance Company

Do not negotiate anything with the insurance company without your lawyer present. The insurance provider can use your own statements to fight the claim. 

Consider The Offers Carefully

Accepting the first offer is usually a big mistake. With the help of your attorney, you should counter the offer and submit a strong reason why you want more. This communicates a clear message that you have a strong case. The defendant will come back with a better offer.

Some of the secrets discussed are pretty easy to implement. For instance, you can capture the evidence at the scene yourself if you are not seriously injured. However, other items like building a case and countering offers are better done with an experienced attorney by your side.