My New Everyday Headphones: XQISIT LZ380

Like many in my generation, music has become apart of my everyday life and I am usually connected to the one of my playlists no matter what I am doing. From traveling to sitting at my desk, working around the house, or even hanging out, there always seems to be some music on. Wired in-ear headphones seem to be scattered all over my house, some cheap and some pricier options, but I have always had an issue with them. I fidget with the cord, and tend to break the wires at some junction within months of a purchase. Of course, this is not optimal, especially when I am replacing these every 3 months, costing more and more money.

Now, I have never been one to think about over-ear headphones as they tend to not fit comfortably for me to endure for hours on end. That is until I discovered the XQISIT LZ380 bluetooth headphones. Then everything changed.

Most my speakers in my house are bluetooth, along with the speaker I bring along during excursions, so it only makes sense for me to be looking to bluetooth for my next set. Originally, I was looking at the in-ear options, but the idea of having wires handing around my neck did not appeal to me. So I decided I needed to rethink this anti-over-ear mentality, and despite trying out everything from BOSE to BEATS, was not sold on the price nor features. BOSE are incredible, but come with that incredible price tag and had features I have no interest in, such as noise cancelling. And the BEATS headphones were, well, gaudy, outlandish, and provided poor quality of sound for the price being asked. So those were out.

Stumbling around, the XQISIT brand was introduced to me, and throwing caution to the wind about a brand I had not heard of, decided to give them a shot. Priced around $80 on various online stores, the price was perfect for me, and the styling was nice from the start (Yes, vanity plays into these decisions). The major thing I noticed was a lack of physical controls, with only one button visible along the sleek design, and the ability to fold up into a smaller package made these look to be a good fit. The sound quality is incredible as well, with a perfect balance of all the notes and not too much bass (common in BEATS), and while I listen to classical most the day, I feel more connected to the music as it plays than I ever did with my in-ear options.

Speaking of fit, simply put they are extremely comfortable. Wearing these for hours on end cause no fatigue and I have yet to notice any of the standard sweat that tends to build up with other over-ear options. And when I say hours, I mean upwards of 6 hours in a day I have these on, playing music. I can still hear a glimmer of the conversations around me, which is nice when people start talking to me, but I can still focus on the music playing over any of that dribble. And controlling my music is easiest with the touch-pad style controls on the right ear piece. Finger up/down for volume, back/forward for song selection, and the main power button acts as a pause. Range is incredible as well, with me being able to wander about 30 or 40 feet from my phone with no degradation in quality of sound.

What can I say? I am hooked to these headphones. Traveling on the plane was a breeze, with no wires to worry about tangling, and tossing them folded up into my bag is second nature now. And with the ability to hold a charge for days, I have literally no complaints of these.