robbed person holding brown ULX leather wallet

5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Men’s Wallet in 2022

So you’re thinking about getting yourself a new wallet? May you be thinking about getting someone else a present for their birthday? Whatever the occasion is, you want to learn everything about wallets for men and what makes a good wallet.

There are many models, brands, and companies manufacturing and selling men’s wallets. With more than 3.5 billion men on the planet, and everyone needing an item to store their assets inside, it’s only logical that the options are huge.

If you’re having a tough time deciding, and you’re not sure about what the best option is to get one, you’re at the right place. In this article, we explain how to get the perfect wallet for men. Read on if you want to know the basics and what you need to mind when choosing one.

1. Pick the right size – aim for minimalism

Although most wallets will follow particular guidelines and standards about size and weight, bigger, smaller, slimmer, and thicker models are still. You’ll want the one that will seem like the best option for you personally. If you’re buying a present, you’ll need to learn more about the person’s preferences and aim for that.

The best option when you are choosing a wallet is a minimalistic one. You don’t want oversized wallets because you’ll surely add cards, cash, etc. A super-thick wallet can’t fit your pockets, making itself an easy thief’s target. Keep it minimalistic, safe, and convenient.

2. Choose the right material for you

There are mainly three types of wallets when it comes to the material they are made of – fabric, leather, and metal. All of these have pros and cons, but most wallets are still made of leather. The metal option varies from steel to aluminum to titanium.

Leather is durable, looks good, and is a popular choice among many men. However, the leather may cause sweating during the summer and is heavier than fabric, which is why some men will go for a cotton-made wallet that meets their needs during hot summer days.

3. Consider including technology

Carrying your credit and debit cards in your wallet or pockets is often a target for thieves who snatch your card data by just coming close to you. Their digital machines easily read all information on your cards, which can then be used for buying all sorts of stuff online.

Some manufacturers provide RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection to prevent this. They have this protection inside the wallet, making your card data impossible to break. Although this isn’t happening often, there’s still a chance for it, so why not have one and stay protected.

4. Think about whether you’d like more features

Modern types of wallets have many features. Digitalization made even the most simple items modern and valuable for any occasion. One of the best features that some wallets have is the chance to use them as a battery charger for your smartphone.

They hold a power bank installed inside that you’ll previously charge and always have a battery on your smartphone, no matter how much you had to use it and how much time you spent outside and without the chance to recharge. This makes the wallet more robust, but for those who often stay outside without the chance to recharge, this feature is a dream come true.

5. Color plays a role too

Finally, look at the color of the wallet you’re about to get. You want it to be a matching color with the clothes you’ll be wearing. If you’re buying it as a present, you should opt for one that will have a neutral color, like black or gray. Don’t go for a strong color that will draw attention when it’s pulled out of the pocket.

A brown leather wallet may be an excellent choice because this is a neutral color that will go with anything. You can match it with a suit, but also with jeans. If you’re opting for a metal case, go for a silver finish. It looks great to store the wallet in the inside pocket of your suit, especially when you pull it out and it looks like it’s an expensive tobacco case.

These few points are nearly everything you need to know about choosing the right wallet for you. With an abundance of options, it’s normal that you’re on the fence and you need help choosing the right one. We provided five crucial tips that should be helpful for everyone.

You probably noticed that there’s no one-size-fits-all model. Every person will have different wishes and understanding of what a great wallet is. Follow the tips to think about your preferences and get the wallet you think is best for you.