Grilling BBQ

How to organise the ultimate summer BBQ

As we wave goodbye to winter and hello to the warmer seasons ahead, there’s no better time to start enjoying time in your garden again. According to a government survey, 46% of Brits spent more time outdoors after the start of the pandemic, with 42% claiming that being around nature improved their overall well-being. If the sun is shining, there’s no better use for your outdoor space than inviting everyone around for a delicious BBQ.  So, as we patiently await the arrival of the warmer weather this year, we explore everything you’ll need to organize the ultimate summer BBQ.


We can’t kick off without first addressing the one obvious piece of equipment needed to throw the ultimate BBQ… the barbie itself! These come in all kinds of styles and sizes – from disposable BBQs perfect for picnics in the park to all-singing, all-dancing barbies that can char your chicken, sizzle your sausages and braise your beef burgers all at the same.

But before you go splashing the cash, be sure to set a reasonable budget. Remember, for large garden parties, you’ll need an appropriately sized BBQ to be able to get enough on the grill to feed everyone and reduce the time taken to prepare all of the food. 


The next most important factor to consider is what’s on the menu. You can’t go wrong with summer BBQ essentials such as chicken, sausages, and burgers with a refreshing side salad to accompany them. 

Don’t forget to check for any dietary requirements and allergies among your guests to ensure you can cater to everyone’s needs. You may need to pick up some veggie sausages, bean burgers and vegan cheese for your local supermarket.

You can provide a selection of beverages for your guests or ask them to bring their own to save on unnecessary costs and waste. Filling a paddling pool or bucket with cold water and ice ensures the drinks remain chilled throughout the whole day.

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No BBQ is complete without the perfect party playlist, so ensure you get this sorted nice and early. If you know a few firm favorites of everyone coming along, you could opt for a hand-picked selection of songs. 

Alternatively, if you’re pushed for time, play it safe with an easy ready-made Spotify playlist. Simply search for whatever you’re looking for, such as “summer party playlist” – pop it on shuffle and voilà! You’re good to go. Tech-savvy individuals within the group can even create a shared playlist and allow other guests to add the songs themselves.

Shelter & Heaters

As always with the unpredictable British weather, it’s a good idea to provide some form of shelter just in case the heavens decide to open at any given moment. Gazebos and tipis are a great option to keep everyone dry. Outdoor heaters are also a great addition to your soirée for when the temperature gets a little cooler later on.

With both of these combined, you can be sure to keep the celebrations flowing well into the evening.