4 Signs You’re Driving The Wrong Car For Your Needs

Buying a new car is something of a balancing act. It requires us to walk the fine line between practical and aesthetic considerations. Whether we like it or not, our vehicle makes a statement to others around us. The car we drive can affect how we are perceived, and as a result we may make decisions based on how we want to be seen rather than our practical needs. While there isn’t necessarily any shame in that, it can lead to logistical problems later on down the line. We may find out, perhaps a little too late, that we’ve been driving the wrong vehicle for some time. 

This is, for all sorts of reasons, a time for new beginnings. It’s a time for us all to take stock and reassess. As the world starts taking its tentative first steps out of lockdown and contemplate returning to our lives and workplaces, not to mention the transition from spring to summer, lots of people will be thinking about getting a new vehicle. It might be worth taking a moment to think about these signs you’re driving the wrong car and consider something new…

You see way too many warning lights 

We all experience warning lights on our dash every once in a while, and there’s no denying that they can ignite a pang of anxiety. However, they’re usually nothing too serious to worry about. But if you’re seeing warning lights on a regular basis either something’s wrong with the way you’re driving or you don’t have the right car for your needs. For instance, if you drive a diesel car and you keep seeing the DPF warning light it means you’re taking too many short trips and the Diesel Particulate Filter has become too clogged with soot because it hasn’t had the chance to purge.

You never have enough space

Does your car feel cramped when your whole family gets in? Does it start to feel unduly sluggish when your kids climb into the back? Do you find that you have to make more trips to the grocery store because you don’t have enough room in the trunk for your shopping? Maybe it’s time you admit to yourself that the sporty little number you picked out for yourself isn’t the right choice for your current lifestyle.

You don’t feel in control 

If you live in an area thats prone to rain and ice, you may have one too many scary moments where turning a corner or avoiding an obstacle feels like a game of Russian Roulette. You might need to invest in something that helps you to feel more in control. An vehicle with All Wheel Drive like this New Jeep for sale can give you more traction on icy wet or winding roads. Plus, the elevated position that they afford you gives you a better view of the road when maneuvering. 

You’re spending a fortune on fuel

Finally, if you find that you’re forever refueling your car, you may want to check your tires. If your tires are running on lower than the manufacturer’s recommended PSI you may find that your vehicle is using more fuel. If, however, your tires are in great shape you should consider replacing your vehicle with something that offers better fuel economy