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How To Create The Ultimate Summer BBQ

The heatwave is on so it is time to take advantage… with a BBQ offering like no other. But, how do you create the ultimate experience for everyone to enjoy? We consider some of the things that elevate an event beyond the norm.

Mood Matters

When people think about a BBQ, they usually imagine an event where – especially in the heat – where beer-meets-burgers and everyone has a great night. If this is what you are looking for then make sure your space is suitable. A gathering of lots of people in a small area with alcohol can lead to issues in keeping the mood positive throughout if people are not engaged and it is not to their tastes. Have you got plans for music, entertainment or are blessed with a pool to break things up and make things a little different? Alternatively, you could always make this an opportunity for people to casually dress up and feel like it is a more intimate and special occasion with more thoughtful conversation over the sharing of food and make that primary. Knowing your guests and what suits can help set a great mood.

Equip Yourself 

Don’t let the day down with what you serve up, you need the equipment to bring taste to the party. Check out the best BBQ and grilling equipment on the market to get inspiration and find a quality grill and other tools. These might include aprons, tongs, and more. You’ll then have everything you need ensure a great grilling experience. 

Up The Steaks

If the aim is ‘ultimate’ then you have to deal in the best somewhere and it makes the most sense for this to be around the meat. Don’t just pick up any cut from the store, invest some time in understanding the processes meat goes through to produce different flavors and select something of quality that guests can appreciate. A dry-aged ribeye can be stored for 4-6 weeks to achieve maximum tenderness, for example. The Chicago Steak Company offers quality steaks that are certified USDA Prime, and therefore among the top 2% of beef worldwide. Choosing a quality steak will give you a better flavor and a delicious meal. Share this with everyone you serve up a cut alongside their fries and let them appreciate you for both the effort and the results.

Community Collab

A truly special cookout doesn’t just have to be about only what you do, it can be part of something bigger. A barbeque is a great chance to bring everyone in your area together and plan an event that will be memorable. The community element means individual families can share recipes that are usually confined to their condo, with each other and develop relationships – either with new foods or friends. Perhaps focus this on a holiday or important date so that it can become a regular occurrence and foster a real spirit of its own. To get more inspiration on how things like this run, and make a difference, then you could consult with leaders or pillars of the community to help spread the message.

Food is a wonderful offering both in taste and the ability to unite so however you choose to make your feast the ultimate, you won’t go wrong if both of these are right.