Ducati iphone case

Ducati + iPhone = Mobile Style

If you own or aspire to own a Ducati motorcycle, it can be assumed that you value solid craftsmanship, crave Italian design, and accept only the best money can buy. In other words, you have a taste for the finer things. If that’s the case, you likely also own the latest flagship from Cupertino, the iPhone 5. What better way then to showcase your scarlet fever than a Ducati iPhone case? That’s what Element Case was thinking when they released their line of Ducati-licensed iPhone and iPad cases. But are they any good? Read on gentle reader…

We’re gonna keep this brief, as the real juicy stuff will come next week when we test these cases with Element Case’s motorcycle mount up to 100mph on the FactoryTwoFour bike. It’s gonna be fun, but you’ll just have to wait for that. And you don’t need to be a speed demon to try out the cases themselves.

Element Case had us try out the two ends of the spectrum of their 3 Ducati iPhone case lineup. We got our grubby little hands on the sleek and minimalist Solace and also the big beefy Rogue. The full lineup of branded cases also includes the middle-child Ion5, which incorporates factors from both the tested cases.

The Solace is clearly the sports bike of this lineup. If you own a Panigale, this is the case for you. Lightweight, smooth high-end materials, and a mechanical beauty forged through necessity. How does it feel? Like a good complement to the iPhone’s sleekness and polish. I’ve never understood the common behavior of rushing out and paying full retail for a the newest i-device, only to slap a 3.99 plastic case of it’s beautiful exterior. The Solace case doesn’t convey that kind of “protection-first” mentality. It looks good, it feels good, and it functions as a good protective case. Total thumbs up from the FactoryTwoFour staff.

Next up, the Rogue. This case has Diavel written all over it. First of all, it’s big. It’s got presence. It is clearly not messing around. If you worry at all about dropping or scuffing your phone, the Rogue will allow you to sleep again at night. This is not a case for shrinking violets, but then, neither are Ducatis…

My pick was definitely the red and black Solace, but then I’ve always been a form over function guy. And while neither of these finer things come cheap, quality never does. If you’re a die-hard Ducati fan, these cases are a must have. If you’re not, they are still quality enough to tempt you, and sleek enough to convince you.

See you all next week when we see if these bad boys can stand the heat of actual motorcycle riding!