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The 6 Best Local Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Local business owners these days face many of the same type of 2023 marketing challenges that CEOs of the world’s biggest global companies face. Sometimes it’s difficult to find new audiences and turn them into leads, but thankfully there are foolproof marketing strategies you can use to reach local audiences and get them to trust your brand. So how do you stand out amongst hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of local competitors? How do you get the local community on your side? Here’s 6 of the best local marketing tips to help you appeal to and engage with community audiences.

1. Immerse Yourself Within the Community

To be a local success, you must immerse yourself in the local community. Make yourself known! Word of mouth will positively influence the talk about your brand, so engage actively with the public you serve. For example, you can attend local festivals and events to hand out marketing materials (such as custom notepads) and spread the word about your services. The more connected you are, the better contacts you’ll make within the local industry.

2. Set Up an Online Local Listings Page

Another must-do marketing step is to set up an online local listings page. Get yourself a ‘Google My Business’ listing and build a profile that has the all-important information that customers need, including contact information, directions, links to your site, and opening hours. Never underestimate the power of search engine visibility.

3. Use Local SEO

With search engines being the main way that customers find you, one of the most marketing tips is to maximize your visibility with the use of SEO. You should focus on local SEO strategies so local audiences who search for you manage to find you quickly and easily. You’ll want to make sure you appear as one of the top results in a related Google search, and you can do this by creating consistent high-quality content and optimizing your site with valuable local keywords. It is important to remember that as a business owner it can be too time-consuming to not only learn automotive local SEO tactics but to implement them properly. If this sounds like your business then it may be more beneficial for your time and money to consult with a digital marketing agency specifically for automotive companies about your local SEO like these guys,

4. Become a Trusted Storyteller

The more audiences know about your brand, the more likely they’ll trust you. So try to create locally focussed content that generates interest in your services and tells the story about who you are and what you can offer potential customers. You can create content on YouTube or simply on your site’s blog. Just make sure you offer informative and genuinely useful content that establishes you as a local authority.

5. Invite Locals to an Event

One of the best ways you can increase your local visibility is to host an event. The type of community event you hold will depend on what type of business you are, but some of the best ideas include workshops, seminars, charity auctions, or simply a launch party to socialize with local community members.

6. Make Yourself Visible In the Local Media

Last but certainly not least, it’s worth contacting local media outlets and pitching your brand. For example, you can email a local newspaper and encourage them to run an article about the services you offer. Or you can speak to a local TV station to see if they’ll run a news segment about you. Just make sure you highlight why they’ll benefit from promoting your business. With these marketing tips, your business will go far!