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These Headphones Absolutely Blew My Mind

When’s the last time you had an eargasm? A truly body-altering sonic experience that tingles your fancy from the top of your head to the tips of your curled toes. Sound so good that the song enters your brain, swirls around your now rolled-back eyes, and leaves only when you exhale it out. Buckle up, the Master & Dynamic MH40 hifi headphones are here to bring you that experience. Again and again and again.

I’m gushing, I know. But this is a piece of equipment that lets you hear lyrics you’ve never before heard, discover instruments in songs you never noticed, and be front and center at an exclusive invite-only concert of your favorite band. I received these headphones to test two weeks ago, and ever since – honest to god – I’ve been running back from the office just to get home and try this artist or that and see how absolutely great it sounds projected inside my brain by these nuggets of greatness.

And if you’re too philistine to appreciate aural greatness, just take a look at their leather and metal construction to satisfy your sartorial desires. White earbuds are so 2001. Today the smart dressed gentleman is rocking “cans”, and Master & Dynamic makes some of the most up-market cans available. Those $30 knockoff pairs that *ahem* I own, these are the hifi headphones they are knocking off in the first place. It’s better to wear the original than the pretender.

Forget any other headphone brand out there, Master & Dynamic headphones are the sweetest things to wrap around your ears beyond the thighs of a supermodel. I’m listening to them right now, and I’ve rolled my eyes back into my skull at the sound of crisp guitars and subtle cymbals 3 times in the last 15 minutes alone. I simply cannot believe how good these sound. I got into hifi car audio when I was in highschool; like really into it. Into it so much that I had a “system” that was worth more than the $8,000 car it was in – and I upgraded from there. And ever since I sold my last system, I haven’t heard quality of sound like that until I put on these headphones. That’s why I’m gushing, because I know how much it can cost to get into this quality of sound. And on that scale, these ear speakers are a bargain.

Price shouldn’t factor into this. These are worth having, full stop. They bring joy into your life, and are exceptionally made. But you know what, don’t believe my gushing. Don’t believe me at all. But do go find a pair of these and try them on your favorite song for yourself. They will blow your mind, and you will buy them, and you will be mind-bending sonic experiences every. damn. day.