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5 Car Brands That Make People Stop And Stare

Are you looking for a car that is going to impress and catch attention when you pull up outside the office or meet someone for a date? Then you need to choose one of the right car brands and steer clear of brands that will leave you stranded on the side of the road.


Why do people love Teslas? It’s simple: if you’re driving a Tesla, you’re driving a car of the future. You’re driving a vehicle that has the latest tech and you are part of a specific group that is forward-thinking, innovators. Or, you’re just following a crowd but there’s something undeniably cool about the latest Teslas. You can even now push a door open and closed. There’s no need for those pesky door handles and this is why if you pull up in a Tesla, people are going to take notice. 


Arguably, this is the perfect example of a cool car that can be modestly affordable. You’re never going to get a decent BMW for under thirty grand but what you can get, if you have the cash in a car that immediately gives you bragging rights. BMWs don’t just look cool they are often powerhouses that can easily beat most other vehicles in a race. A Beamer, as they are affectionately known also suggests class and sophistication. If you own a BMW people will assume that you probably run your own business or that you have climbed quite high up in your career.


Oh lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes? That song has been around a while and it’s still quite well known today. Mercedes are sophisticated and put people in mind of the first sports car. It’s also a vehicle brand that is still tied to the idea of wealth. The latest Mercedes Benz models are something that you’ll have in your garage if you live in one of the better neighborhoods. You probably have a job on one of the top floors. Or, you’ve bought a used Merc. Even if you go down this route, polls suggest these cars last a lot longer than most other vehicles. 


Audis are arguably the iPhone of car brands. They look great, typically favor a minimal design, and are incredibly popular to the point where they are completely oversaturated on the market. There’s something irresistibly iconic about an Audi which is just impossible to beat. Like Apple, all Audis look more or less the same too. Some of them are a little bigger or smaller but you can immediately tell you’re looking at an Audi, even if the badge is removed. 

Land Rover 

Finally, you could – if you have enough cash to burn opt for a Land Rover. Or rather a Range because this is the car that the celebs, the rich and the famous just love to drive. They are favored by the young and old, tall and small. The simple reason for this? It’s bigger so it must be better and to be fair Range’s definitely have perks beyond the extra legroom.