Making Long Distance Driving Safer

Even if you are incredibly used to driving, long-distance driving has its own unique challenges. Long drives can really take it out of you much more than you think. For many people, the very first road trip they take turns to be quite a long drive. It should go without saying that you ensure that you have the very best cheap auto insurance that covers your car for the duration of your driving, and up-to-date service, and all taxes that apply.

In order to avoid highway hypnosis, and have an enjoyable and safe drive here are some tips for you. 


Well, you might think you will not get dehydrated on a long car ride because of course, you’re just sitting still, you’d be wrong. Many people skip having extra water, or actually just enough water, so they do not have to go to the bathroom as often while they’re driving. Keeping yourself topped up with water will keep you alert and focused through the duration of your journey.


The right person sitting next to you in the front seat can make all of the difference. If you have a passenger that has the ability to fall asleep very quickly, then you’re going to be left with a lot of time to fill. Try and pick a passenger that can either take over from driving from time to time or typically stays alert and chatty for most of the time.

If you have children in the car, try and get a few in-car games then you can all play, but make sure they don’t take your attention off the road. Simple games like I Spy or car spotting could avoid any bickering that might happen.


Well, you might have packing and preparation to do, in the run-up to a long drive you really need to sleep. You need to have seven or more hours for 2+ days in a row before you should consider any long-distance driving. If you have plans in very regular stops, then you actually have a little leeway here where you can grab a nap. If you feel yourself and your morning, if you have tired eyes in the run-up to the long drive, then reconsider are you leaving time. 

This may mean you need to rejig your plans, but in general, it’s much safer to wait. 


Creating your own playlist is one of the most enjoyable things. When you are on high-speed roads, nee terrain, or in a country that they drive on the opposite side of the road to you the last thing that you need to be thinking about is the fact that the radio is flickering in and out and your passenger is not awake to help.

When you create your own playlist, you can have as many hours as you will be driving lined up in terms of music. This will mean you do not have to have the same track playing more than once, and you are free to skip as many times as you like.

Long drives can be a lot of fun, you can see so much of the country that you are travelling through. But in order to do it safely, you have to make sure you are rested and well prepared in terms of snacks, passengers, hydration, music, and of course getting your car full-service before you leave.