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Strategic Ways You Can Become More Efficient And Productive In Running A Business

Running a business comes with a unique number of challenges and rewards. Every day can be different. The usual goal is to successfully run a business and a big part of this goal is trying to be as efficient and productive as possible. Here are some carefully curated ways you can introduce to run a business efficiently:

Identify What Isn’t Working 

To be as efficient as you can, figure all out how things aren’t working out right now. Although this may not be a very fun exercise especially as knowing what’s not working can highlight failings, this is an important process you have to do for your business because to nail down as changing up what isn’t working for your business will offer you a plethora of ways in which to improve. This exercise allows you to get honest and vulnerable with yourself and maybe even your team, to work together and figure out how you can make things work in your favor.

Efficiency can truly start when inefficiency is drawn out of the darkness where its rearing head can be cut off. From this place, true change in the right direction can occur.

Revisit The Plan 

Are you following your business plan? Has anything come up that could potentially derail your targets? Has anything come up that suggests the plan needs an adjustment? A business plan is necessary to ensure you are focused, however, staying flexible is also beneficial in this field. Flexibility will allow you to adjust courses should anything crop up, good or bad. By being open to change, you allow yourself and your business to grow and thrive with the times. It is a mark of a great business person when they can adjust themselves to every situation they are thrown. This flexibility will make you more efficient and produce more effective results.


If tasks can be automated, then make the most of this. Don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself. Burnout is real. Allow yourself the freedom and ease by automating tasks, especially the monotonous ones. This is a benefit of running a business, you get to be able to do this and concentrate on the fun bits. On the same note, consider outsourcing work that you, once again, don’t quite have to do. Choosing an outsource frees up a lot of your time and will help the business run a lot smoother.


Your employees can often be the reason your business fails or succeeds. Loyal, hard-working, and focused employees are key and they certainly don’t grow on trees. Instead, they are cultivated. Employees who feel appreciated and open to honest communication with their company are more likely and willing to work hard. Where they feel part of the mission and are allowed space to grow and thrive in their working environment, you will feel the positive effects on your business. Cultivating a positive, motivating working environment is important to ensure they can show up every day for you and your business.

Go Digital 

Technology has taken over our lives. There’s no doubt about that. How are you using the latest technology to make your business a success? Going digital can help streamline processes and make your life a lot easier. Digital transformation is helping businesses thrive by providing them with the ability to simplify processes and make things easier to run. From day-to-day tasks to the more complex, going digital can open a whole new world of opportunity and of course, profit. The specialists over at Contract Hound recommend a unified digital workspace as this makes accessing documents easy and efficient, business-wide.

Too Many Meetings

Have you ever sat through a meeting and seriously considered a career change? Yeah, me too. Pointless meetings really should be a thing of the past, especially when trying to be as effective as possible. Having meetings more than usual takes up precious time and is a huge waste of resources. To combat this, ensure that every meeting has a very specific and set agenda/aim. Ensure that there is a strict time frame and that only those who have to be there, attend.


It can be difficult to stay focused when your to-do list is a mile long. On the contrary, staying focused is the best way to be efficient. When we try and do everything, we are unable to focus and therefore actually get very little done. By focusing on one task at a time, we give ourselves and our brains the ability to get things done.

There are many more strategies you can implement to increase efficiency and productivity in running your business, although employing the tips above is a great place to start. Remember to always stay open and flexible, and allow yourself to ride the wave of each challenge that approaches you.