goodnessknows bars

goodnessknows Fuels Up the Workday

Here at the F24 office, we have a hard and fast rule about dozing off in the office. We are for it. The 1pm nap has become so engrained in our company culture that we know not to schedule important meetings around that time, at least not if we want anyone to show up. But I have a secret. I’ve been powering through this mid-day slough by judiciously snacking my way through. But Mars Bars or M&Ms aren’t going to cut it here. I’ve been going through the collection of goodnessknows bars one bite at a time, and they are my secret afternoon weapon.

Here’s what I like about them compared to the other bars I’ve tried: they aren’t full of sugar that will just leave you crashed and tired again in 30 minutes, their ingredient lists are full of items I can identify, and goodnessknows squaresthey are 150 calories each. All goodnessknows bars are also conveniently precut into 4 small snacking squares, meaning you can grab them in-between emails or politely between sentences. If I’ve got a full bar in front of me, something in me wants to eat it as fast as possible like an animal. Simply cut it into squares, and suddenly I can snack on this bar over the span of 20 minutes and not be stuffing my face like a water buffalo.

They come in three flavors; Cranberry, Apple, and Peach & Cherry. All the bars come with almonds and chocolate, so your inner fat kid will be happy. Apple is easily my favorite for it’s down home flavor.

goodnessknows bars are my secret weapon around the F24 office to ward away the mid-afternoon nap demon – we call him Napdor, Slayer of Productivity. Compared to chips, candy, or even lesser bars, these little gems keep me awake enough to play pranks on my sleeping comrads-in-laptops. They don’t seem quite as pumped about this as I am…


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of goodnessknows. The opinions and text are all mine.