A Daily Steal In Time For Father’s Day

Okay, we get it.  You already forgot about our guide last week on the perfect bottle of craft liquor for your old man.  Heck, you probably even forgot that Father’s Day is coming up because, well, it’s not as big of a deal as Mother’s Day, your anniversary, or the kid’s birthdays.  But we are still thinking about ways for you to make a small gesture go a long way, and in this case, maybe even the dollar.  And it’s about time you stepped up the game for the man who didn’t lock the doors or reprimand you when you came home really late from your first date (thanks Dad).

There are plenty of discount site out there, some offering this for a deal with this coupon and this hoop jump, or even coupon sites where the product may or may not be the item in the picture.  What about those silly auction sites where you bid a penny up every time and still end up spending close to retail?  Those don’t work for us.  We are men.  We want to buy what we see on the screen, save some money along the way, and get something that is worth bragging about.  And what did we find in this search?  DailySteals.com.  Come on; with steal in the name, you know we got a bit intrigued.

The story about the company is what caught our eye at first.  Born in a Brooklyn apartment, bootstrapped Daily Steals has grown from an eBay reseller into one of the only profitable daily deal sites. With a long list of daily deal firsts and a culture of “chaos,” Daily Steals shows what it takes to thrive in an industry in question.  They left the big box online stores in favor of their own control, and standing out from the crowd, instead of making it easier for themselves, they took on the challenge to build up an e-commerce company with low prices and product control in mind.  Many other deal sites have copied their style, but from our research, none of them can match the strength of the dollar with the actual deals provided.  Case in point?  The UE Boom wireless speaker we received from the site for a big chunk less than what it’s being sold for at the retailers.  And this wasn’t a refurbished item.  Brand new, in the box, it arrived in 3 days, tracked and insured.  We love this little speaker as it really packs a punch, especially on the patio with the grill fired up, cards being played, and a lot of friends around.  And it’s still available for you to pick up (which you should).

So what does this have to do with Father’s Day?  Well, if we were able to find the perfect speaker for our outdoor patios and grilling, something all dads seem to be in charge of, then we are confident you will be able to find something for your dad.  Maybe craft spirits aren’t what you buy your old man.  We have already said the card and a movie are not going to do it, and it really is time to step up your game.  That’s why it stands out for us; it’s not just one item for sale for a short period, but a range of actually great and recent products that are being sold for a steal of a price.  And with the deals changing every day, there is no excuse for you to not find something your old man or father is going to love, all in time for Father’s Day

So do us a favor.  Skip the card aisle, avoid the BluRay bargain bin.  Spend a little extra cash, but make sure it goes further than heading to the store.  Be the better child and buy smart and grab something from DailySteals.com that will be sure to be used for more than a day.