A-Frame Los Angeles

The Best Damn Churro in L.A.

Is there anything better in this magnificent world of ours than a warm churro, fresh and piping hot? That’s a rhetorical question; please don’t leave your back-talking response in the comments. Churros offer such a sweet crunch following by such an airy dough, then the cinnamon hits and it’s just nirvana.

A-Frame Churro
From the droopy frozen examples you can score at the local carnival to the upscale, art nouveau sticks to be found at, I’m an equal lover of all. Don’t worry gentle reader, I can hear you asking “but which is the best churro of all?” First of all, don’t ever interrupt me again. It’s rude. Secondly, I’m here to tell you…

How would you describe dense pieces of pound cake, solid as a Minnesota woman, soaked in what can only be pure nectar, then fried to a crispy shell and judiciously rolled in the perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar. I’ll tell you how I describe it – The Best God Damn Churro I’ve Ever Had. Especially since it is served with a side of, get this, chocolate malted milk with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. That’s right, it’s thick chocolate milk, made thicker with malt, and made thicker still by a melting vanilla iceberg. That’s your dipping sauce. Like I said, The Best God Damn Churro.

And where do you find this delicious concoction? LA’s A-Frame is your destination. The modern pale wood building is the outpost of Roy Choi, otherwise known as the owner of the Kogi Truck and the father of the food truck craze in general. Take a trip to this spot, enjoy the southern fried chicken or Asian ribs, but know that you’re really just there for that sweet sweet churro goodness.