Why You Should Learn About Wine

There are many reasons to learn about wine, and if you like it, then why would you not want to know more about what you’re drinking and how you can enjoy it even more. Some people see it is a pretentious thing to know about wine, but then they don’t mind when you’ve chosen them a gorgeous one to go with their meal. Knowing a few great wine facts can be extremely useful when you’re out at restaurants, hosting a dinner party or in another country and here are a few other reasons why you might want to learn more about wine.

Enhances Social Experiences

Wine and dining are today’s current activity for social exchange. Being confident with food and wine are part of making social experiences great. Additionally, wine is a classic ice-breaker for social situations. It’s appropriate across all social statuses, and it’s made all over the world, including Europe, North and South America and even India.

It Gives You Confidence Buying Wine

Because wine is so complicated, learning more about it helps you get more of what you like. 

Improves Your Ability to Taste and Smell

Smell and taste are fundamental body senses. However, they are often not trained. Learning about wine helps us isolate and identify complex flavour compounds and aromas.

It Gives You Personal Satisfaction

As we age, the opportunity to learn new things becomes more challenging. Wine is a topic that you can learn casually, or it can be as intense as rocket science. Training yourself to be a better blind taster or being able to say that you’ve tried 50 different types of wine is self-satisfying. Learning about wines is not like studying anything else, because you need to use your brain in a multidisciplinary approach. You will learn about the geography, oenology, viticulture and history of wine but obviously, it also includes tasting, which stimulates sight, taste, smell. It’s a complete learning experience, incomparable to anything else.

It Increases Your Appreciation Of Wines

The more you know about what goes into a bottle of wine, the more you will enjoy it. You will appreciate the techniques of production and the choices of the winemakers. You will see wine with fresh eyes, and with awareness and culture. 

You Save Money

Investing in a wine education will make you save money. Once you learn how to judge the technical quality of a wine, you will know if a bottle is overpriced and if you are paying for advertising and marketing. You will also learn why some old vintages are cheaper than others, in case of age-worthy wines, you will be able to invest in the right bottles, without being scammed.

You Meet New People 

A wine course is where you probably will meet the people with who you will share the best wines of your life, so its an easy way to meet wine friends and to start having those special wine nights where everybody brings the good stuff to share…rather than wasting a decent bottle with someone who doesn’t truly appreciate it.

It’s FunGoing on a wine course will likely mean that you will taste selected excellent wines, starting at around 10 am without being judged… How can this not be fun?