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4 Things You Should Fix Before Selling Your House

Selling your house is no easy task. In fact, it can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Unfortunately, many sellers cut corners when preparing their homes for sale because they are eager to make the final sale. If you want to avoid this common mistake, here are five things that you need to fix before selling your house:

Selling Your House


Did you know that the roof is one of the most important aspects of selling your house? Yes, it can be difficult to sell your home if there are any visible signs of damage, but even small problems should be fixed before putting your home on the market. While many people will say that they don’t want to lose money on roof repairs, the experts at Lenox Roofing think that it is actually a smart investment. If you wait to fix roofing problems, you can end up losing thousands of dollars in sales price because buyers will be afraid that the damage is worse than they assumed. It is best to hire a roofer or handyman to inspect your roofing before selling your house.

Paint the Walls and Fix the Decor

Once you have fixed your roofing problems, it is time to fix the paint. If there are any dings or scratches on the walls, be sure to fill and repaint them. Even if they are not noticeable now, they will become more evident as soon as you start showing your house. You don’t want potential buyers to assume that other larger issues are present throughout your home because of a few tiny blemishes. You should paint every wall in the home a neutral color. In addition, you will want to touch up any scuff marks or dirt circles that are on the walls. If necessary, repaint entire rooms because the existing paint colors can make prospective buyers feel uncomfortable. This goes for both interior and exterior issues!

If your house has a front porch, it should be inviting and beautiful. You will not only want to make sure that the paint on the front of the house looks clean, but also invest in some new cushions and pillows for the chairs and couches. This way, people walking by can stop and sit down without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. In addition, you want to check that there aren’t any dead plants or weeds growing around your entire property. Remember: first impressions count! When potential buyers drive up to your curb, they should either feel excited about what they see or intrigued enough to walk closer.

Room Makeover

The rooms in your house need to look as beautiful as possible before putting them on the market.  You will want to go through each room and clean the floors, walls, toilets, showers/tubs, light fixtures, and counters. If any repairs need to be made, you should fix them before selling your house. By doing these inexpensive fixes now, you can increase your chances of selling your home quickly and for top dollar. While most people focus primarily on making sure that their kitchen appliances and sinks look new, it is just as important to replace old shower curtains and faucets. The last you want is for prospects to feel as though they are going on a home improvement expedition when all you want them to do is take a shower. 

Fix The Plumbing, HVAC, and Unsightly Doors and Windows

While many people may overlook plumbing fixtures when fixing up their homes for sale, these are actually incredibly important. Potential buyers know how valuable good plumbing fixtures are to them once they move in, so you need to make sure that all of yours work perfectly before putting your home on the market.  If you have any leaks or drips, hire a plumber before selling your house. You don’t want to waste time on unimportant issues that will only cost you money.

Heating and cooling bills can be some of the most expensive parts of owning a house, so it is important to find out if your heating or cooling system needs to be repaired or replaced. If you neglect this step, many potential buyers will shy away from your home because they fear that such replacements will be too costly for them as well.

Finally, doors and windows are other aspects that can impact the sale of your home significantly. It is common for these features to need replacement at some point in time, so it is important to fix any problems before selling your house. Once again, even small repairs should not be overlooked. Their effects might seem smaller than larger issues, but they can be just as costly in the long run.

Selling Your House

Make sure you fix any blemishes on the walls and ceiling, ensure that your front porch is inviting and beautiful, go through each room of your house and clean the floors, walls, toilets, showers/tubs, light fixtures, counters and replace old shower curtains and faucets. Also, fix any plumbing issues such as leaks or drips before putting your home on the market. If you have a heating or cooling system that needs to be repaired or replaced or any doors or windows need replacement to make these repairs before selling your house! While it might not be appealing to spend money on these repairs before selling your house, you will be able to sell your home much more quickly and for more money than you would. ​First impressions count!