A Different Back to School Routine

School is back in session, and with that, not enough time in the morning to really get through anything and everything, especially breakfast. In my case, I am dating the teacher that is running off to school before the sun comes up and coming home with piles of grading and planning for the next day. To say the times can be hectic and busy would be an understatement, but the stories she tells and subject she teaches (science) makes every bit worth it. But, as our time together is often filled with work, I have made a solid routine that gives us just a few more moments together.


While I don’t have to be in the office for another few hours, I will wake up as the same time as my partner in crime. As she gets ready, I head downstairs and pack her a lunch, make her coffee, and take care of Rocky, our ever-present brown lab. As she is about to finish, she lets me know and I microwave up a  Jimmy Dean® Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches, which we grab every other week for a great value at Walmart, and the fact that their taste great makes it a great morning option. The fact that I can put one of the plate and have it hot and ready for her when she comes downstairs just helps keep the morning flow going.


So there we stand at the kitchen island, enjoying our quick breakfasts, talking about the plan of the day and having that moment before it’s off to school for her. And day after day, we repeat this routine, giving us even a few more minutes back in our day with no mess to cleanup in the kitchen and a filled stomach.  After she heads off to school, my day usually turns to playing with the dog and catching up on overnight e-mails and getting ready for the office, and not one part of it was hectic or rushed.

After School

These are often the tough ones, filled with meetings, study hours, and prep, all back by an empty stomach. Usually our nights head late, ending close to midnight, so we tend to eat dinner a bit later to adjust for that. That leaves time for the after-school snack, and when that little teacher comes home, my first goal is to get some food ready for her as she grades that day’s work. A small snack always helps, and lately we have both been hooked on the State Fair® Classic Corn Dogs alongside some cutup veggies. Also picked up during our run to Walmart, it always proves to be a quick and delicious snack to have ready to go when needed.


And for our after school routine, it provides good balance in both texture and nutrients, it’s just enough food for her to snack on as she works away without filling her up too much before dinner. Sometimes I mix up a sweet chili sauce that both the veggies and corn dog can be dipped in, or even classic ranch, but always trying to keep it interesting. By having that snack ready when she walks in, it’s a steady flow right back to work, and while not always ideal, it ensures we have time later in the evening to catch up, watch a show, and of course, enjoy dinner together.

As I sit and watch back to school for a different perspective than most, I can’t help but be amazed at the energy and strength in my partner, and as we share those moments together, I smile the big smile knowing that they are parts of the day that I will love. These moments and little meals keep her fueled for school and puts just a bit back into our time at home.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jimmy Dean®. The opinions and text are all mine.