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Themed Dinner Parties You May Not Have Thought Of

Inviting your friends and family over for a themed dinner party, at your house, for whatever reason such as a celebration, or just because you haven’t seen each other for a while, is a great way to enjoy your time at home. Entertaining in your home can be a little bit troublesome at times if you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you are organized, and you do your research, then you will have plenty of ideas and resources. Having a drink into the early hours, with your favorite music playing is a common way to spend time, people all over the country will be winding down towards the weekend, to have their favorite people over for dinner. Here are some ideas on a themed dinner party is you might like to try in the future.


Vikings used to have a particular way of eating food, there was a no-nonsense approach, plenty of meat, and ale and wine to drink at all times. There are chicken drumsticks, and hog roast Vikings used to have a precise way of eating food, there was a no-nonsense approach, plenty of meat, and ale to drink at all times. Being a Viking was thirsty work, and a viking drinking horn is definitely something that you would like to add to your Viking themed dinner party. There are drumsticks, and hog roast you could use for this particular theme that your guests would find filling, and entertaining at the same time. You could also get some customized accessories that will help you keep everything fresh and iced throughout the night. Lots of people go to this website and click for neoprene 16-ounce can koozies that ensure the drinks remain the same temperature as they’re meant to be consumed. This will further add to the authentic Viking atmosphere.

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Murder mystery

Adding in a game element to your dinner party takes away the need to worry about entertaining your guests. A murder mystery game based on Cluedo, for example, is a great way to get people talking about your dinner party in months to come. Since this is a game with a classy aesthetic, you should encourage your guests to dress formally and make sure you’re serving high-end drinks, such as Hooten Young whiskey.  Conduct some online research beforehand on how to set up the game, and you’ll be ready to impress your guests once the dinner party rolls around. You can even buy a pack online, which includes all the games and instructions that you could possibly need.

TV shows

Everyone has a favorite TV show, And if you have a group of friends that all have their own favorites, you could take a vote on what theme you’re going to choose. However, if you have a group of friends coming over, then why not select a “friends“ party and choose to be like Monica, with all the food and trimmings, laid out on a perfectly clean surface. We can all relate to a TV character of some kind, and having something a little bit different at your dinner party will really make things interesting.

Just remember having a dinner party should be fun, and not to make it too stressful for yourself. When people ask if there’s anything they can bring say yes and give them an item, everybody likes to feel like they’re helping. So have fun with your guests, and remember to relax and enjoy!