Vivid Coffee Bottle White

Vivid Coffee Combines Coffee and Protein

When I first heard that Vivid Coffee was a protein-coffee hybrid, I must admit I was somewhat skeptical. The more I thought though, the more I concluded that, I did in fact frequently consume both in the morning – could combining the two actually work?

As a student, start-up founder, part time employee, and triathlete, I decided to give a product that touted itself as “a holistic morning beverage to boost performance” a go: I was not disappointed. After enjoying a bottle in place of my typical banana-and-eggs breakfast, I felt focused and energized for the day ahead – so much so I set a new dead-lift PR of 405 lbs. and didn’t fall asleep during my New-Venture Finance class – both firsts!

I took a closer look at the product, and found that with 30g of hydrolyzed protein, your body is quickly being supplied with key nutritional building-blocks allowing you to tackle your day straight out the gate. The protein blend Vivid Coffee uses, namely hydrolyzed protein, is much finer and simpler than typical protein products, and can therefore be more quickly absorbed by the body, helping truly “boost” you through your morning. Whens the last time you actually got the nutrients in the morning you needed?

Whats more, the dark cold-brew coffee from Salt Lake City, UT is nearly PH neutral, designed to minimize any loss of nutrients when bonding with the protein, and minimizing acidity that could result in an upset stomach. So far so good, right? But I had doubts that it was truly “pure,” how could there still be a hint of sweetness? So I researched on: Rather than using milk or creamer, Vivid uses coconut milk due to the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) not found in dairy products. Not only is this a natural way of sweetening the beverage, it also helps jump-start your metabolism, and help you feel full.

With its mellow but smooth taste, this is definitely a beverage I will be adding to my morning routine to quickly help me prepare body and mind for the day ahead, and tackle whatever I decide to.