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The Coolest Way to Rock Platform Boots

It’s no secret. We all knew it was coming. And now it’s finally here. It’s summertime. And that means it’s festival season. A time to dress fun and funky and go all out at your favorite outdoor concert. You have your whole little rave outfit already put together. You’ve got all of your neon, blacklight, sparkly clothes. You have your glitter. You have your fanny pack and your funky glasses. But your outfit is missing just one thing: shoes. There are no better shoes to wear to a rave than platform boots. Trust us. We know this.

Here’s how you can rock them in cool new ways this festival season. 

Types of Platform Boots

First off, when it comes to platform boots, you’ve got options. Before we get into all of the ways that you can wear platform boots, we need to take a look at which pair you’re going to rock.

Combat Boots

Do you know those cute combat boots that never leave your feet? Why not step those up (literally) and add just a little bit of extra height to them?

The cool thing about combat platform boots is that they’re super versatile. In fact, you can wear them with just about anything that you would wear your regular combat boots with, giving you a subtly edgier look. 

Knee-High Platforms

Sometimes, platform combat boots are just not dramatic enough for your look. For these occasions, you have to add a little more height to your, well, height.

Knee-high platform boots can add another dimension to your entire look. If you’re wearing something short (which, who isn’t at a rave?) they can offer some fun plays on proportions. These come in lace-up versions and ones with a zipper for easy on-and-off.

Now, let’s look at what outfits you can pair these platform boots with.

With a Short Dress

If you’re wearing a short skirt or dress, you’re going to want your legs to look as long as possible. And what better way to do that than a pair of boots that will literally add length to your legs?

Short dresses and platform boots are like a match made in heaven. Tight, bodycon dresses and flowier styles are both great with platforms. You can use this style with combat boots or knee-high platform boots.

With Your Favorite Booty Shorts

Let’s face it, booty shorts are quite a mood. They come in all sorts of fun styles and patterns and make us all feel incredibly hot. Plus, they’re great to wear at outdoor shows that are sure to be ridiculously hot and a little bit sweaty.

If you were thinking of just wearing regular old sneakers with your booty shorts, think again. A good pair of super-high platform boots can take your booty shorts look to the next level, whether you’re wearing some simple black shorts or a velvet tie-dye pair. 

A Simple Bodysuit or Leotard

A staple of the rave costume scene is the ever-famous bodysuit or leotard. They come in all sorts of styles and patterns, ranging from shiny metallics to bright colors.

Leotards and bodysuits offer an easy outfit. All you have to do is put on one piece of clothing and you’re good to go.

Throw on a pair of knee-high platforms to create a cohesive, put-together look that will make you the belle of the.. rave.

Get Yourself Platform Boots

If you’ve been wearing the same sneakers for years, it’s time to get yourself some platform boots. They’re a more comfortable option to give you some lift than painful heels and they just look plain cool.