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Why Hobbies are so Important

If the past year has taught anybody anything, it is that being at home can become really boring if you do not have a hobby or lots of interests. Finding ways to pass the time and beat boredom is so much easier when you have a hobby. But, there are many additional benefits to having an interest than merely keeping you occupied in the event of a global pandemic. For starters, hobbies are an excellent way to meet new people and form new friendships. But, that’s not all, research also shows that having a hobby can help improve your mental health and wellbeing, so there are loads of reasons why taking on a new hobby is good news. 

Choosing a Hobby

So, you know that having a hobby is good for your health and wellbeing, but the big question to ask yourself is ‘which hobby should I try?’ Settling on one interest can be challenging when there are literally thousands of different ways to spend your spare time. You will find groups and clubs worldwide that get together to partake in their chosen hobby, including some pretty niche areas of interest. Although choosing from the vast range of available pursuits is challenging, it is essential to narrow down your options. Thinking about areas of interest that you are naturally drawn to is an excellent place to start. It can also be helpful to consider past hobbies and think about whether you want to restart them. But, above all else, the most crucial thing is that you enjoy your pastime. 

If you hope to gain the positive benefits of having a hobby, why not consider some of these interests? Some of these are popular hobby choices, and others are a little more specialist, but they should help inspire you to find the ideal pastime.

Hobbies for Creative Types

Being creative is an excellent way to let go of the stress and worries of daily life and focus your attention. Creative hobbies often help you enter a state of flow, which can bring a feeling of great satisfaction and is sometimes referred to as being ‘in the zone.’ Becoming fully immersed in your task is especially beneficial if you have been under a lot of pressure recently and have been struggling to relax, as this will help you de-stress while staying occupied. Your hobby could be anything, but the fun part comes in when you have to start doing some research and really learn what it’s all about. After that, it’s pretty hard not to get hooked and spend a considerable amount of time on it. For example, let’s say you take on a cigar collecting hobby; pretty soon, you’ll not only have humidors but an entire array of cigars from all over the world, as well as an extensive knowledge of the makings of a good cigar and how to handle one!

You don’t need to already be a naturally talented artist to enjoy a creative hobby. It does not matter whether the work you produce is classed as good or bad; the main aim is for you to enjoy what you do and for it to bring you satisfaction. With plenty of practice, you should find that your ability improves naturally over time anyway. 

Many people think of creative hobbies as something that you do alone, but there are many ways to incorporate social activity into your creativity. You may decide to take an evening class and learn a creative skill such as pottery or jewellery making. Alternatively, you may prefer to join a group, such as a knitting group or camera club, so that you can enjoy regular meet-ups to chat and compare projects. There are undoubtedly many choices available for anyone looking for a hobby that enables them to express their creativity. 

Hobbies for Transport Fans

If you are a fan of everything and anything related to transport, you will love some of these transport-related hobby ideas. 

Car fans have a wide choice of hobbies available to choose from. You could buy an old classic car and spend your spare time restoring it to its former glory. Or, how about joining a car enthusiasts’ club and meeting up with other car lovers at specially organised events? If you prefer to be in the driving seat, then you could have a go at racing cars and let your competitive spirit run free. Whatever type of car you like, there is sure to be a hobby that matches your passion for vehicles. 

If trains are your thing, you may be looking for a hobby that goes a step further than trainspotting. If you are keen to explore your passion for trains further, why not invest in your very own locomotive? Buying a scale model of your favourite locomotive, such as the Newcastle flyer, is an excellent way to immerse yourself in your new hobby and experience the thrill of operating a steam engine for yourself. Buying yourself a model locomotive is the perfect way to meet fellow steam train enthusiasts and share your passion.

Hobbies for Adventurous People

If you are someone that loves getting outside and struggles to sit still, you may have found the boredom of lockdown especially hard to deal with. Now could be the ideal time to release all that pent up energy and to get active. Making physical activity one of your hobbies gives you the ideal opportunity to bring more exercise into your life and burn off even more energy. 

You will find a considerable choice of hobbies to choose between that allow you to be active; you will just need to consider how challenging you want your hobby to be. Physically demanding hobbies such as rock climbing and marathon running may be something that appeals to you, and you may find yourself becoming increasingly competitive and wanting to take part in endurance sports, such as decathlons and triathlons. Alternatively, you may be looking for a hobby that you have never done before but have always wanted to try, such as paddle boarding or deep-sea diving. There are many ways to satisfy your need for adventure and many hobbies that are a perfect match.

Hobbies for Nature Lovers

It is no secret that being surrounded by nature has many benefits. Being near the sea or walking through a forest has a calming effect on the body and mind and provides you with plenty of fresh air and a dose of vitamin D at the same time. If you are someone that loves to surround yourself with wildlife and nature, finding a hobby that matches is an excellent way to spend your time. 

If you have an animal sanctuary or community farm near you, you could look into volunteering options. Volunteering enables you to benefit from spending time around the animals while also helping out a worthwhile cause. If volunteering is something you cannot commit to, how about joining a walking group and exploring the great outdoors in your local area while getting fit at the same time? Walking groups are a great way to make new friends while taking in plenty of stunning natural scenery along the way. If the idea of a quiet and relaxing hobby appeals to you more, then you could start bird-watching. Visiting nature reserves armed with your binoculars is an excellent way to spend a peaceful day fully immersed in the natural beauty of the great outdoors while watching the wonderful wildlife in its natural habitat.

Final Thoughts

There is a vast choice of hobbies to choose from, so you won’t be short of options to choose between when looking for a new interest. While the activities listed above may be very different, each of them offers you the chance to try something new, meet new people, and learn new skills. Having a hobby is more than just a way to kill time; it can enrich your life in so many different ways. Whichever hobby you decide to try, you should experience many benefits to both your health and wellbeing.